Dell research study BUSI 331 Group 8

  • Problem Definition:
  • Dell holds a significant reputation around the world
  • They now face greater competition
  • Specific to the research we are conducting, Dell wants to understand customers' preferences and decision making methods when purchasing computers for internet usage
  • Research Questions:
  • What is our customer service department lacking?
  • Why are consumers switching to other companies?
  • How important is price when consumers are choosing a personal computer?
  • Hypotheses:
  • We are understaffed or that our customer service representatives do not have enough training
  • Price or that consumers are looking for different operating systems
  • Price is a major factory when customers are choosing a personal computer
  • Research Design:
  • Depth research to interview managers
  • In-store CAPI best capture Dell's target market
  • One-group pretest/posttest design are best for causal research
  • Sampling Technique and Data Collection:
  • Non-probability- Judgement Sampling
  • Sampling/Non-sampling errors
  • Internet surveys & Interval interviews
  • Conclusion:
  • Our goal in conducting this research was to study consumer's behavior in regards to Dell product purchase
  • This information will be helpful for Dell to make better planning and managing choices in the future
  • We believe that with this research, Dell will continue to be a leader within the tech industry as they continue to improve customer service, competitive techniques, and pricing


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