Rubber band elastic bridge car testing Aidan Kirby

What is this car and how does it work

The car is created and designed with five materals: Tape, skewers, cardboard a rubber band and two CDs

Each of these materials is used to create a part of the car

There are only two CDs allowed per car and they are used as wheels
The tape is used to strengthen the car, attach the wheels and, make a tab which allows the rubber band to go one the skwer
The skewer is used as an axle and possibly a tail for the car
The cardboard is used as the mainframe or the body of the car
The rubber band is the material that propels the car

The rubber band is wrapped around the skewer multipul times which allows the wheels to turn

As the energy from the rubber band is released the wheels move which allows the car to move

The Car had multiple stages

The first car design included a small cardboard body with wheels taped all around with tape

The problems with this car was the small axle holder

When the rubber band was put on, the small holders bent

The second car had a thicker frame and was re enforced with duck tape to ensure that the axle holder would not bend

The rubber band was skinny and long which made the car go further

This car has a single part where The bottom of the car touches the ground

The problem with this car was the wheels

This car was a major break through because of the cleaner, more simple axle and wheel attachment

This car was able to go three time further than any car before it

The problem with this car was the back, the car was angled down

This car has a long back that was made with a skewer

The final car went 31 feet

The video was shot at this angle in order to for the app to graph the valocity map correctly


The graph above was made by video physics

Video physics is an app that analysis the valocity of the car by taking the time that the car takes to go

This app also maps the change in time over the change in valocity or acceleration

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