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Eye on Elementary:

Asa Packer

Thanks to BASD Media for highlighting the great things happening at our school! Check out the video below.


Plans are being made to schedule Parent/Teacher Conferences. This year, conferences will be held on Monday, November 20, 2017 and Tuesday, November 21, 2017. Students will be dismissed at 12:00 on both days. Lunch will not be served. Conferences will take place from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Monday and 12:45 PM to 3:45 PM on Tuesday.

Conferences will be scheduled online again this year. Information was previously sent home. All parents will schedule their own conferences.

Updates from the PTA

The beautiful autumn weather has helped the Asa Packer community “fall” back into the routine of learning fun, and the Asa Packer PTA is working hard, planning lots of activities for the benefit of our school!

This year’s Fall Mum Sale was very successful, as were the Book Fairs and Education Week. Author Day was a lot of fun, with students learning how to draw Stick Dog and Stick Cat from author Tom Watson himself. Students and their families enjoyed a yummy breakfast served by the Asa Packer staff at the Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast. Look for the Student Directory to come home with your little learner soon. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make these and all our events a great success!

We are “rustling” up some great upcoming events:

Brain Show - Nov 3rd

Sky Zone Fundraiser (flyer sent home with students) - Nov 6th 5-8 pm

PTA Meeting - Nov 8th 9:15-10:45 am

Donuts with Dad (flyer to RSVP sent home with students) – Nov 10th (grades K-2) and Nov 17th (grades 3-5)

Five Below fundraiser (more info to follow)

Holiday Shop (early December – more info to follow)

Holiday Teacher Appreciation Luncheon (Dec 21st). We are in need of volunteers to provide a delicious soup in appreciation of our wonderful teachers. Please email jackie@bicyclemotorworks.com or melissaschessler@gmail.com for more details.

Looking for ways to “harvest” your time and talent? Keep informed of upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in the Asa Packer PTA. “Like” our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter (@AsaPackerPTA), and visit our website (http://asapackerpta.digitalpto.com). The Asa Packer PTA is always “thankful” for whatever time and talent our volunteers can give.


By: Leyna J. and Lauren F.

Halloween 2017

Every year, students at Asa Packer participate in a Halloween parade and their classrooms have parties. This year was no different. The students got in their costumes and paraded around the neighborhood, before coming back inside to play Halloween-themed games and eat delicious food! Some of the students’ favorite parts of Halloween are trick-or-treating, eating candy and other food, spending time with friends and family, picking out costumes, parading, carving pumpkins, and scaring other people.

American Education Week

By: Rebecca D. and Blake J.

Students and parents working hard in Miss Murphy's class during American Education Week.

Asa Packer observed American Education Week on October 10th and 11th. During this week, parents and family members came into the school to see what their students were doing in your class. Parents could see students in reading, math, and in their specialist's class.

Grandpals/VIP day was October 11th. Grandpals/VIP day is when grandparents or a very important person come to class to do activities with their special student. They could also visit the book fair.

American Education Week was started in 1919 to help the community see and support the public schools. We are so glad to have had so many visitors to our school! We hope you enjoyed the day.

Author Day

By: Addison G. and Nurbanu C.

Tom Watson is a really cool author, who visited Asa Packer on October 6th. He talked to us about his popular book series - Stick Dog and Stick Cat. We learned about him and his books in library class before his presentation. During his assembly, he showed us how to draw his characters, Stick Dog and Cat, as we followed along! Stick Dog is on an epic hunt for food. Stick Cat is a smart cat in the city. He even asked us for suggestions for his future books! Many students bought copies of his books, and he even signed our drawings. It was so kind of him to travel all the way from California to Pennsylvania.

AppleBee'S Breakfast

By: Mckinzie L.

Families who enjoyed breakfast at Applebees.

On October 21st, many families had breakfast at Applebees. Teachers served pancakes and sausage, with orange juice and coffee. Everyone had a memorable breakfast that day!

Guidance Goings

By: Gianna B.

Guidance Lessons and Lunch Bunches

At Asa Packer, we have a guidance counselor. Her name is Ms. Birster. She's really fun! She visits all the classes to teach lessons about different things - like bullies, friendship, and peace-every month. She reads stories like “The Invisible Boy” by Trudy Ludwig and “Interrupting Chicken” by David Ezra Stein to teach students how to work with their friends and be good students. She does lunch bunches with kids to help them learn different skills. If someone has a problem, then they can meet with her by themselves or with a group of students. She uses some of the toys she has to to have fun with the kids to calm them down and help them express their emotions better. If you would like to talk with Ms. Birster you can email her at abirster@basdschools.org.

Mix It Up Day

Mix It Up at Lunch on October 31st

Students participated in Mix It Up at Lunch on October 31st. They were randomly assigned seats at lunch with discussion topics to get to know someone new! In prior guidance lessons, students' activities focused on accepting others' differences and recognizing that differences can create strong friendships.

October Field Trips

Freemansburg Canal - Tales of the Towpath

By: Leyna J. and Gianna B.

4th graders on their trip to Freemansburg Canal

In October, our fourth graders took a field trip to the Freemansburg canal to experience what life was like almost 200 years ago! They got to draw and harness mules. They also made sauerkraut that they got to eat. Then, they saw the locktender’s house and garden. We think everyone learned a lot. For example, did you know people were shorter back then because of the lack of vitamins? Fourth grade had a great time of their trip!

Harrisburg Museum and PA State Capitol

By: Lauren F., Abrielle B., Lillie Neiman, and Addison W.

On October 12th, Asa Packer 5th grade students went to the Pennsylvania State Capitol, in Harrisburg. They visited the State Museum and the Capitol Building. There were so many floors to explore and so many things to see! The State Museum is a beautiful museum full of fabulous architecture and animals from all over Pennsylvania in their natural habitat. There are four floors, and each floor had it’s own unique theme. Some of the things we saw there were wagons, an old plane, birds, amphibians, and many more fascinating artifacts.

Next, they enjoyed the State Capitol building. They enjoyed learning about it´s architecture and how it's mostly made of real gold and rare marble from all over the world. It costs thousands of dollars and is very old. There was a lot of paintings and stained glass that represented different events that were important to the state of Pennsylvania. The fifth graders saw the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Judicial branch. Finally they enjoyed the interactive games to learn more about this interesting subject. They were sad to leave and it had been a very long day for the fifth graders!

October Assemblies

By: Ella S.

Fire Prevention Week

Mr. Philibotte's view from way up in the firetruck!

Fire Prevention and Safety Week was in October. Hanover Township firefighters came to our school and taught us a few fire safety rules. One was to stop, drop, and roll if you are on fire. Another one was to always crawl under smoke. Finally, never hide from a fire fighter! We also watched Mr. Philibotte go up on the ladder. We thank all of the Emergency Services members in our school's community.

PPL Bright Kids

PPL employees came to give a presentation to 2nd and 3rd graders about how electricity works and how we can save energy. We even got to light up an energy stick!

Kellyn Foundation

3rd grade enjoying a salad!

The Kellyn Foundation has returned to Asa Packer this year to help students learn healthy eating habits and to help students grow real food in the garden beds at our school. They will be returning many times throughout the year with lots of different activities!

Art Gallery

By: Ms. Esposito

October Art Room Activities!

The Outside In Art Gallery is a space for students to display the artwork they make outside of school. Bring in a drawing, painting or anything you create! Share talents, style, and interests with fellow students and inspire others to keep art in their hearts no matter where they are.

Guidelines: Artworks should be your best effort! It should contain school appropriate subjects and language. Artwork should be no larger than 12x18 inches. To submit 3-D artwork, please discuss it with Ms. Esposito first.

To submit an artwork: Make sure your name is on the back. Fill out the “Inside Out Artist Slip” and give it to Ms. Esposito or place the slip and artwork in the Inside Out Gallery Drop Box outside the art room. Artworks will be on display for no longer than one month.

Custodian's Day 2017

By: Brady F.

Mr. Thatcher on Custodian's Day

You may not know who Mr. Thatcher is, but he a great person at our school! He is the head custodian, who joined us at Asa Packer in the middle of last year. We wanted to show our appreciation for him on Custodian's Day. Thank you for all that you do!

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