Me Myself and I kahhong

I am kah hong from 3Brilliant who enjoy laughing a lot cause laughing makes me forget about everything else i am a very active person a very sporty person i enjoy playing basketball and soccer, i also like to sprint 100m 200m as i believe in myself alot that i will become the world fast runner on earth
people who are close to me are my family and my best friends are mostly the guys in my class but the mostly i hangout with and have fun are aaron yanhui lucas victor haiqal rusdy cause we always go cycling and go have fun together and at the end of the day it always end with laughter's.
i'm hoping to be like him one day cause being like him makes me who i really am.
soccer makes me very active and strive to do better every time i'm playing.
My values of life are simple if u want to succeed in life or in anything you do put in effort and time and never give up no matter how hard it is you will get there one day positive mind and a strong will nothing is easy but its all about if you want to work for it
I want to be someone who is known around the globe being the fastest man alive and giving my family a better life and a life they never had before staying in a huge house etc....


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