The US Constitution by JJ MORAN

Limited government

The principal of limited government is how they divided up the power so no one or nothing has to much power. First government can not limit your freedom to speak freely. Secondly they divided the power so no one or nothing has to much power. Also a government official can only have one place in the government. Lastly it limits the distribution of currency's.

Popular sovereignty

Popular sovereignty is the act of all the government power coming from the people first people elect government officials. Secondly the government cant just make decisions on its own. Also we get to elect government officials. Lastly makes it so people and government get an equal amount of power.

Separation of Power

Separation of power is the way everyone divided power so no one or nothing had to much power. First they divided power in to 3 branches of government so we couldn't have a dictator. Secondly how we have bills at the house of reps. Lastly the president can veto things and the government can veto the president.

Checks and Balances

Checks and balances is about the branches of governments power. First for votes you need a 2 thirds vote majority on everything. Secondly 2 of the 3 governments can overpower the other governments. Lastly is insures that their is not one government the over powers the others.

Representative government

Representative government allows the people to elect a president/ leader to make laws. Also it we elect people to make the laws. Secondly he have elections. Lastly each state has a certain number of electors.


Federalism divides the power among states and governments. First america didn't want the government to have to much power. Secondly they didn't want people to have all the power. Lastly they had to find a way to divide the power through everyone.

Quick Quiz

1. What was the reason for limited government?

2. What is popular sovereignty?

3. How did separation of power help america?

4. Whats is the 2/3 majority rule?

5. What does representative government do for the people?

6. What is the main reason for Federalism?


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