Double Expousre DIFFIDENT Take

Greetings, I would like to take you through this another different Double Exposure tutorial, hope you find it easy & fast.

This Is the result effect

we'll start with the main photos (free Stock)

Make an initial selection around the main subject

add a layer mask, then Mask Edge "Select and Mask"

load mask as selection (Comamnd/Ctrl) click on the masks icon in the layers panel.

time to bring our texture into action, select the texture(woods) photo and copy

use the Edit/ Paste Special/ Paste Into command, so the texture will be inside the mask(photo)

change the layer blending mode to Lighten, this step may vary depending on your photos.

then tweek this layer blending options

finally add a blank layer underneath all to serve as a background.

don't forget to play with the final look, here's some variations.

Thank you & Have Fun.

Ammar Al Midani

Created By
Ammar Midani


free stock

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