"Reverse Engineering" A Disposable camera

As shown here, our group started by prying apart the outer casing of the camera using a screwdriver. The job of the plastic casing that surrounds the camera is to protect and hold the parts inside in place. It also prevents light from coming in contact with the film before the shutter opens when a picture is being taken. Close to the system of lenses is the shutter, which opens and closes between the lens and film when a picture is being taken and controls how long the film is exposed to light.
At the bottom of this picture is the lens, where light comes through it at an angle to redirect the beams of light bouncing off the object so that they come together and form an image that looks just like the real scene.
Next, we took out the flash circuit. Included in it is the battery that provides a source of energy for the flash to run off of, a gas discharge tube that produces the flash, and an electrical circuit that is made up of multiple electrical parts that connect the power supply to the discharge tube.
Then we took out the film. In the picture it is in the process of coming out of the camera and it is a light sensitive emulsion on a plastic base. When a picture is taken, the light reflected off the objects in the camera's field of view comes through the lens and strikes the emulsion, which is the part of the film that allows it to record images, which is why film is useless after it has been exposed to light.
In this picture the flash has been removed. The purpose of the flash is to make a short flash of bright light when the shutter is released. This causes the room to light up for the fraction of a second that the film is exposed for, which solves the problem of the lack of light in indoor photography. The gas discharge tube is shown sticking out of the flash circuit and is a tube filled with xenon gas. It has electrodes on each end, and a metal trigger plate in the middle of the tube. The trigger plate is hidden by a reflective material which directs the flash's light forward, producing the flash.

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