Montgomery Bus Boycotts By gauge r-a

The boycott started after Rosa parks was arrested for not giving up her seat. on the December 1st of 1955, the Montgomery bus boycott was a 13-month long boycott.
The boycott was trying to desegregate the busses in the US
MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks, with most Blacks and some whites were involved in the boycott. MLK Jr. was the voice of the blacks and Rosa Parks was the person who inspired the blacks.
Obstacles were segregated busses and police, they protested with non-violence.
The boycott effected today where usage of public transport is equal to all who use it.
The Montgomery bus boycott can relate to 1965's Migrant Farm workers boycott
The great depression left many people unemployed. many white people took jobs, which left the Mexicans with very few jobs with horrible wages and conditions which led to the Migrant farm worker boycott happening in September 8 1965.
The MFWB was trying to accomplish changing work conditions and get rid of discrimination of Mexicans.
The Mexicans and Immigrants were involved and the voice of the people Cesar Chavez

Cesar was the main activist for the Migrant farm workers boycott he voiced the peoples opinions. He told the government of the wrongs with the work place for Mexicans and immigrants alike. He was the moving force behind the boycott.

Some of the obstacles were the cops and bosses of the workers, they would abuses the Mexicans and Immigrants and threaten to harm them and their family. They protested with Non-Violence.
It has showed the americans that we need the Mexican-American workers and immigrants. It has made it so Mexicans and immigrants are't discriminated.

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