Jupiter By: Blake Greenway

The diameter of Jupiter- is 86,881.4 mi

The period or rotation or revolution Jupiter revolution is 11.86 earth years so 4,332 days.

Average distance from the sun- The average distance from the sun is 483.8 billion miles.

Origin of the planet-The planet's name was Zeus Jupiter was supreme god in roman mythology.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature - The average temp of Jupiter is 234 degrees Fahrenheit

4 Interesting Facts -

1. 13,00 earths can fit inside Jupiter

2. The stripes on jupiter are clouds being pushed from the east west winds

3. Jupiter is made up of hydrogen and helium and liquid gases

.4 Jupiter has a dozen of moons four are large and can be considered as planets

This is a picture of Jupiter

This Jupiter compared to Earth

This is a picture of Jupiter in the solar system

This is were Jupiter is located

This is a picture of Jupiter

This a picture of the sun shinning on Jupiter

This is a picture of Jupiter and its moons

This is a picture of Jupiter, Saturn, and Earth

This is another picture of jupiter

This is a picture of Jupiter at the Museum


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