Utah Symbols cw Chantel

Only the male elk carry antlers on their heads.
Adopted in March 4 1959.
A Sego lily can grow to eight inches.
Cherry's grow in Utah, box elder, Weber, Davis, salt lake and Washington county's.
Bonneville cutthroat trout are were important to Indians and Mormon pioneers as a source of food.
Early pioneers had no material resources therefore they had to count on their own industry.
This represents the song Utah this is the place. In 2003 the song got changed from Utah we love thee, to Utah this is the place.
They find topaz in beaver, Juab, and Tooele county's.
They decided for Spanish sweet onions to be the state vegetable in 2003.
10% of Utah land is filled with quacking aspen trees.
This flag was important for Utah battleship in 1912.
Allosaurus weigh 4 tons and are 16.5 ft in height also 39 ft in height.
The Utah state bird ate crickets that were destroying the crops in 1840.
The mine has produced 12 million tons of copper since 1906.


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