Hatrennaken Mountain Haley|trinity|jenna|kennedy

Welcome to Hatrennaken Mountain! Here, we live a perfect life. From our gardens, to our park, we have everything needed for a perfect stable life. Scared about wild animals? Don't be! We have puppies and kitties instead of big scary animals. We have a beautiful waterfall, a thrilling Ferris wheel, and an awesome movie theatre! Sit back, grab a cup of popcorn and enjoy your stay at Hatrenneken Mountain!


Well, if you want to be a citizen in our community, you must attend a training camp first. Our camp is located in one of the mountains. You are there for 6 months - 1 year depending on how well you perform. In the camp, you have many challenges and you are judged based on how you well you handle them. If you pass, you are released early and can start living at our community. At camp, you learn our laws, rules, and expectations.

This is our layout of our small community.

We have a train, our version of a Mount Rushmore, shopping inside our mountain, and much more!

Our Hatrennaken Constitution

This is our flag! This reflects our diversity and love in our community.


Congrats! You have earned a certificate! Our certificates are OUR version of money. You can earn a certificate for showing good citizenship. If you receive a certificate, you can cash it in to us for $50 per certificate.


At Hatrenneken, we 4 are the "advisors" of our community. We are not like presidents because we have equality. We are like managers of our community. We make sure that everything and everyone is acting properly.


We have free religion, and many places to practice the one of your choice. We love all of our citizens, no matter what their beliefs are.


How do our citizens get around? SCOOTERS! Yes you heard right, scooters. Since our community is fairly small, you don't need anything bigger than a scooter. We also have a train that can take you down the mountain to ground level where our shopping center is!

Since we live in a secluded mountain area, we don't have many ways of getting food and clothes for our stores, so we have a cargo plane ship it out to us. We have a landing pad where the plane can drop off our goods.

How do we get water? A waterfall. Our waterfall is flowing out of the mountain. It falls to a big aquifer like storage area under our community. Then, the water travels up into our filtered support beams, into tanks. This provides water for all of our buildings.

One of our main attractions is our Ferris wheel. This is a fun way to relax, and see the amazing view.

So, want to live a perfect life? Make your dreams a reality. Come to Hatrenneken Mountain! :)

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