Florida Museum of Natural History By: Jacob henschel

Nature on Display: I found this design to be appealing because it felt like I was stepping out of my normal world, into the world and habitat of the butterflies. The exhibit captured my attention through the mixture of the dark green leaves, the bright flowers, the sound of running water, and the majestic butterflies. One interesting thing that I learned from this exhibit was that butterflies can eat the same fruits that we eat (bananas and oranges). I just really enjoyed emerging myself in nature.

Nature and Ethics: The exhibit behind me in the photo is a replication of the Hammock Forest. After standing in the exhibit and taking in my surroundings, I was able to further my appreciation for nature. Even though it was just a replica, I was able to admire the beauty of the nature. While I was there I noticed many adults with young children. The children were able to appreciate the nature as well through their big smiles and laughter. After going through this exhibit, and the rest of the museum, I see how important it is to have beautiful nature in the world, as it provides the opportunity for great creativity and deep thoughts.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This exhibit is a skeleton of a prehistoric mammoth. This exhibit made me appreciate the true majesty and mystery of the universe as it allowed me to close my eyes and travel back to prehistoric times when these beasts walked the earth. This also caused me to think about how the earth has been around for millions of years and although we have discovered a lot, there are still tons of mysteries left to be uncovered.

Image Source: http://floridaonthecheap.com/free-general-admission-at-the-florida-museum-of-natural-history/

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