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While We Put It All Together...

We are hard at work extending our remote rehearsal resource, Rehearsal Live Share (RLS). Among the many new features to come are the ability to capture a full video feed of your session. This may be recorded for later use (i.e. sharing back to your students and cast) or broadcast to the world, live. Our intent is to make this experience as seamless as possible.

In the meantime though, you can accomplish many of the same goals by sharing and/or recording your session via Zoom. The director can invite anybody they want to observe the RLS session through Zoom, with the full, synchronized, live mix of everyone involved. Or engage Zoom's recording feature, to have a video for later use.

See how it's done below...

Our Content Or Yours

Remember: even though we started by working with existing musical theatre titles (and RLS will be available for anybody who purchases a RLS-enabled resource for one of those titles), you are not limited to that. Our RMS Creator platform allows you to use RLS with any content you have or create: a choral concert, a voice lesson, a swing band, an original musical, a musical we haven't personally developed - anything.

We'll Keep It Coming!

  • Currently supports 20 person remote rehearsals
  • Synchronized
  • MIDI or standard audio (mp3, wav)
  • Multichannel playback and recording
  • So much more to come!