IPhone Screens Chemistry and Technology Summative

1. The screen of and Iphone is made from ions of potassium for strength and a layer of indium tin oxide making the screen touchable and small amounts of Earth metals are used to show color on the screen.

2. Apple has created Liam robots, that have the ability to dissemble Iphones and sort the parts to reuse. This makes it possible to retrieve the Earth metals and the indium tin oxide used in the screen. Earth metals and indium tin oxide are not very hazardous as long as the right practice is used.

4. Apple screens are now easily recycled thanks to Liam robots. Almost all parts of the Iphone, including the screen can be re-used. The Liam robots disemble the devices then sort the materials to be used again. The materials are then used in the new Iphone screens.

3. Mountain Pass, Cali, is a huge mine where they produce rare Earth minerals which are used in the making of the screen. There have been cases of Apple getting their tin from mud pits in Indonesia, and in tin ores, are great amounts of indium, also used for making screens.

5.Most people will only get another Iphone screen when it breaks, or if they are getting a new phone. If they are upgrading their model, it would be around 2 years time. The time before someone breaks a screen depends on the person of how careful they are, and the case they have.

6.Very populated areas such as China and India have the highest 2 usages of Iphones in the world. Countries like Japan, Russia, Pakistan and Indonesia have high usages of Iphones showing that eastern countries is where Iphones are mostly used. Other countries like the U.K, Germany and the U.S.A also have high usages.

7. It is easier to communicate without having to meet face to face, and can help in emergencies. People can rely too heavily on phones, and stay inside all day without getting exercise and without meeting people in real life. Most Iphones parts can be reused without having to use new materials every time. Since not everything can be reused, some excess materials can be thrown out in landfills. Getting used phones with cheap plans can be economical. New phones and expensive plans can be very expensive and not very economical.

8. Phone screens make the world a better place because it makes the phone visable and usable. This is where everything is displayed, meaning that phones could not work without screens

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