GO RIDE LAROSE (Because you’ll love it. You will.)

Once swing season has come and gone, and there is snowy goodness on the ground that will stay, it's time to pack up your skinny tires and head down into the Pain Cave. Maybe you're excited about riding your trainer (but probably not). Well, if you’re equipped with 3.7” or bigger tires, Larose Forest will be happenin'. Load up your chariot with bikes, anti-cramping agent, post-ride hydration, a chair or two, maybe a down blanket and make the 1/2 hour drive out. The flowy, new-school, bermaliscious, pump-tracky goodness is seeing great traffic and is only going to get better with more snow and more riding. Enjoy one or both of the loops, or lap the different sections, if spandex if your thing. Afterwards, go hit either of the 2 brew pubs in Embrum and pick up a dozen Bearclaws at the bakery.

If you haven't been there yet, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Where is it?. One way to ride the loops. The good way.
North Loopity Loops.
South Big Loop.

This is purpose built bike singletrack with combinations of loops adding up to just over 18km. There is some nice flow, steep drop cuts along the creek sections and nicely bermed corners all around. Keep your eyes peeled for some figure 8 loops and side lines that spice it up even more. Fun but not boring for all rider levels, especially on a fatbike. Everything is 2-way and there are other users including, hikers, runners, dog mushers and deer. Remember to be nice to everyone.

Check out the Larose Forest MTB Trail Plan to see their big vision. It's only going to get better!

Have fun out there!

Thanks to Beaver Guard and Christian Lalonde for the great photos!
And many thanks to our partners.
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Unknown, Erik Odii via Unsplash

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