My Spring Break By Me

The eyes are the window to the soul.
Here most of the pictures are about culture, the first one is about the culture in Qatar which is money and CARS! The second picture is a danish tradition of hanging a flag infront of the door. A last picture is simply having fun with family and friends.
Here the eyes of the cat run along the top line of thirds and the right eye is along the right line about.
Here the reflection of the sunglasses is looking out on the corniche and the sea. This was when I was out for a morning run with my dog.
Flowers and light!
The flower is located in the top right cross of the rule of thirds. Also the contrasting colours help the subject be more in focus then the leaves behind it.
Pattern outside of the old firehouse where there is a Picasso exhibit.
The sun going down outside my window!
This last picture is from when I went camping at inline sea. Although it was this easter break It was a picture I thought was very nice and should be included.

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