4 images Week 6

Hello everyone today I’m sharing some of my work for my Uni course entitled Variations. The brief was to complete 4 image of A6 in size with the title of a flower, an animal, a person walking and a building or part of a building.

I’’ll start with the flower which is a daisy created with watercolour paint and then taken into Procreate to add some of the small details.

Next the person walking

I created her fully in Procreate- she is hand drawn and painted with a watercolour brush. For clothes I used texture brushes.

Now the animal. Which is a Hare (obviously) this is the cut out version but originally he was created with a background

I created this totally in Procreate but originally with no one looking out. However I added these people looking out as I thought it gives more interest, I had created them previously so it was just a case of adding them on a layer. Here is the original.

So that the 4 images, the next part is to create 4 A3 sized images using these elements in different ways. - that’s another post.

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Deborah Wainwright

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