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Does having more creativity, clarity, peace of mind, a jubilant heart and calmness in general sounds appealing to you? Do you sometimes wish that you would not take everything so seriously and relax a little bit more? Or do you wish you weren’t overwhelmed by all the things on your to-do-list and didn’t feel so stressed?
The only thing that can keep you away from the feeling you want, is your thinking in the moment. Photo: Private.

I will not provide you with seven or ten steps programs that tell you how to fix these things. Neither will I reprogram your brain, or tell you to meditate, do yoga or stop thinking so negative and look on the bright side of life. Even if these strategies work for some, it does not work for everyone all the time.

What I will do is to point you in a direction where you start to see for your self that you already have within you the perfect health for love, joy, peace, wisdom, creativity and healing. When you start to see this, you will get insights that are transformative. It’s like a priceless gift that keeps unwrapping for the rest of your life. You will discover the truth about what a beautiful soul that you are, and see potential that you don’t even know exist. It’s a beautiful and exiting journey, I promise.

The insights we get when we look in this direction is like a priceless gift that keeps unwrapping. Photo: Private.

To begin unwrapping we will look at the wisdom of three fundamental universal principles, The Three Principles (3P), and how they are the metaphors that explain how every human being on this earth functions mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The principles are the universal gift of Mind, the universal gift of Consciousness and the universal gift of Thought. Like gravity, the principles always apply, no matter where you come from or what your story is like.

It does not matter what you feel you need help with. Whether you just want to feel more peace inside, or reach new goals in business or sports, start up your own business, or if you need help to heal from depression, angst, or phobias, I will always point to the same thing: The healing and creative power of understanding The Three Principles.

What you seek is already inside you. All you have to do is to look within. Photo: Private.

When we understand the gift that lays in this wisdom it helps people heal mentally, sometimes physically, they get more relaxed and capable of enjoying every moment in life. The wisdom in The Three Principles has been taught around the world for four decades now, and have helped people, in every walks of life, businesses, justice systems, healthcare systems, school systems, in communities and even science. And now, more often when big crises occur 3P mentors go in and help people overcome their traumas and give them a new chance to a fulfilling life. Understanding The Three Principles is so effective because it is simple and points people back to their own wisdom and capabilities.

Trine Pedersen, 3P Practitioner and Mentor. Photo: Private.

Who am I? My name is Trine Pedersen, and I am a 3P (Three Principles) Practitioner and Mentor. Previously, before moving to Italy, I have been working as a NLP Coach in my hometown in Norway, but have for the last three years been working only with The Three Principles in the Naples (Italy) area. Among other things, I arrange meetings every week where I teach the principles to a small group. I also do public speeches for lager groups. And of course I do one-to-one sessions for those who want to see more development on a personal level.

Are you ready to start your journey of unwrapping the priceless gifts of your own wisdom?


If you live near by we can meet up, or we could do a session over Skype from anywhere in the world. You have to speak English or Norwegian.

The first session is always free. We spend 60 – 90 minutes talking and getting to know each other a little bit, to see if we have chemistry and can trust each other. This is an opportunity for you to get the feel if this is something to move forward with. It is a fully professional session. You do not commit to anything with this first session. If you feel during or after that session that this is something you want to move forward with, we will set up a new appointment for you, and then carry on with either single sessions or a program (four or more sessions) that fits you.

Are you ready to find your way back to your own wisdom, and discover what potential you are not seeing at the moment? Photo: Private
Do you know that there is a powerful connection between your diet and your physical, but also your mental health?

Not many moths ago I was bound to sleep for at least one hour in the middle of the day, every day to function normally. And my schedule is not even that hard. I skipped doing exercise because of the time it took to rest so that I would function for the rest of the day. It just wasn’t worth it. Getting up in the morning was really a struggle because I never felt I had enough sleep. Concentrating for more than a few minutes at a time was almost impossible, and I had periods with lots of low moods. On top of that I did not stop gaining weight. Even though my diet got more and more healthy over the last couple of years, I just got worse. Does this sound familiar?

Believe me, I have been there. But I have been fortunate. That part of my life is over and I have found a way that really works for me. The thing was that neither I, nor the doctors had enough knowledge of how closely what we eat is linked to our health and well-being. Now I know better, so I do better.

Do you want to know what I learned about clean food and the right supplements, and how it changed my life around?

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