Prawnbroker Grill Logo design / Sofia Ghandi

Seafood Restaurant

Located in Toronto, Prawnbroker Grill is an Asian restaurant that offers the most fresh seafood in the city. A multidimensional combination of tastes and flavors that reminds you of your last beach-side journey. The sizzle of a fresh piece of fish being tossed on the grill, the aroma of a platter piled high with freshly steamed shrimp, the taste of real butter mixed with the hot sweet tender taste of king crab legs... In the Prawnbroker Grill restaurant!

Location: 476 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5G 1G7



Work process

Thumbnails / Drafts / Comprehensive drawing

Final logo

Street view

476 Yonge Street


Luckily, seafood is my favorite type of meal, so it has been an enjoyable process of designing the logo. My main idea was to create simple, but symbolic and recognizable sign. The circular figure means both lifebuoy (as an ocean motive) and plate (as a food motive). The shrimp on the plate is emphasizing the type of food, that the restaurant is serving. It has disaggregated, but very minimalistic form. When I was choosing the font, I looked for a stylish serif font, because of Its visibility and boldness. The arrows on the sides at the bottom are made to balance the composition and highlight the "Lifebuoy". The most difficult thing was to create a simple form of shrimp. however, a lot of researching and sketching helped me to solve this problem. The logo design project availed me to understand the significance of user experience and to level up my design skills.
Created By
Sonya Ghandi

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