Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in the northwest corner of Arizona. It is close to the border of Utah and Nevada. The Grand Canyon is more than 1 million acres. The Grand Canyon National Park only owns a little more than the 1 million of the acres. You can visit the Navajo and Hopi reservation while your at the Grand Canyon too. The Grand Canyon get close to 5 million visitors each year.

Colorado River going through the Grand Canyon

Colorado River

The Colorado River flows through the Grand Canyon. The people who have been searching about the Grand Canyon believe that 5-6 million years ago the Colorado River started to make the carves in the Grand Canyon. While the Colorado River goes through the Grand Canyon, it also touches seven other states.


old picture of the canyon

In the 1800's the U.S government began to explore the canyon. Then they did more research and found out that it wasn't the Colorado River that started to carve the canyon, they believe it was an erosion that started the whole thing. The west side of the canyon may be as old as 70 million years old.

They tried many different names before they got the right association name together for the Grand Canyon. The first name was called a Forest Reserve in 1893, then later they got enough money to change it to a National Monument. Finally, in 1919 the Grand Canyon finally achieved to be the National Park.

Mule Trips on the South Rim

Mule Trips

The mule trips get packed quickly, so if your wanting to do it, you might wanna plan about 13 months in advanced. To ride the mules there are many restrictions. For the south and north rim you must not be afraid of heights, and the mule. There is a weight limit to go and being 200-225 Ib. You must be care full on the trip.

The weight limit is the same for the north and south, but when you take the trip on the north rim it can be more difficult in some spots so you always wanna make sure your an experienced rider on the difficult routes. For the south rim there is a height limit to go , 4 ft 7in. The youngest to go in the North rim is 7-10 all depending where you wanna go in the canyon.


Sky walk

When you walk out onto the sky walk you can see many different views that you many not see anywhere else at the Grand Canyon. The most famous thing to do on the west side of the canyon is the sky walk. As said before it is located on the west side of the canyon, and is 70 feet from the rim.

Yaki Point

Yaki Point

Yaki point is one the most beautiful sites to look out from at the canyon. Many people love to visit this spot each day. To get here you would usually take the orange shuttle bus. You can't get here by any private vehicle.


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