Lands End San francisco, ca

A quick 3 mile trail that makes you realize how special San Francisco really is.

The ocean is always next to you.

Sometimes you see it,

Sometimes you don't.

It can get crowded here, and sometimes the path gets narrow.

But it's fun sniffing everything.

On busier days, some parts of the trail might be tough for those of you who are nervous around other doggies.

Mom likes to go off leash trail running with me here some mornings since it's all hard packed sand/dirt trails. Just make sure to remember to wear sneakers with enough traction! Since not all of you have great big paws like me, it can get a little slippery especially when you're going downhill.

I have to wait for Mom a lot.

Because the views can get distracting.

I'm a great view, right? 😏

There are A LOT of stairs here.

Most of them are part of the main trail.


And down...

They're worth it, though.

But there's one set of stairs that takes you down to Mile Rock Beach (you'll see it when you see trash bins).

There are lots of shellfish here and rocks to climb over. I like to eat all the mussels.

And you can still see the Golden Gate bridge

The main trial ends (when you meet the road, El Camino Del Mar), so you'll know when turn around and head back.

I know we're halfway because this is my 💩 drop off.

For those who want to explore there are other paths off the main trail to historical landmarks/buildings.

Or you can just hangout after you're done and take in the Sutro Baths.

Which means more stairs...

Tired pups = happy pups 💤

What are the Sutro Baths?

There's also a restaurant, visitor center and lookout area.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there is parking (parking lots, one main one, a one smaller side one across the street, and street side parking - make sure to get here early because it can get really busy!)
  • Technically no, this is not an off leash park (but it's a loose rule and up to the fur parents; most dogs are unleashed. Mom keeps me leashed around the parking lot, Sutro Baths, and the incline up to the trail head. I think some fur parents who have nervous pups get a little bit stressed because it's mixed. When Mom sees other leashed doggies she usually tells me to leave it or just keep going.)
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure (there are some barriers warning you of steep cliffs/drop offs)
  • No, there are no doggy or human water fountains
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins (at trail entrance, quarter way, and midway)
  • Yes, there are benches (for all the great views!)
  • Yes, there are toilets (by the visitor center by the parking lot)

🐾 Caesar

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