Heroes' Square Budapest

For my historical landmark I chose to build Heroes' Square, which is one of the major squares in Budapest. The tall monument in the middle is called the Millennium Memorial, which was built to commemorate the conquest of the Carpathian basin. In front of the memorial is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument honoring soldiers who died in battle and whose bodies were not recovered/identified. The colonnades on the sides each have seven statues representing historical figures. I chose this square specifically because I like the symmetry and the geometric pattern of the stones.


The Building Process

I started out by looking at an aerial view of the square in order to start laying out the pattern of the stones.

I chose to use polished andesite for the dark gray blocks and clay for the light gray. This took the longest because it took me a while to figure out how to make the pattern to scale and I kept messing it up. Also I realized after like 3 hours of building it that it would take me days to make the entire square so I decided to just do the middle part.

After finishing the stone part, I built the tomb with the gate around it. I used chiseled sandstone for the tomb and the base of the gate, and then a dark oak fence gate on top.

I also used chiseled sandstone to build the base of the Millennium Memorial and added chiseled sandstone stairs around the edge. The column part is made out of pillar quartz block, and the statues are prismarine.

The last part of my build was the two matching colonnades. I used chiseled sandstone and added chiseled sandstone stairs under the top part for detail. This part was a struggle and a half because the actual thing thing is curved but Minecraft is blocky. Also since I didn't build the whole geometric base, the colonnades were in different spots than they would be in real life.

The statues are great I know

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