Cameron b A BIT ABOUT ME


My favouirte things to eat are Peanutbutter cookies or other goods with peanutbutter and my favourite dinner is Hambugers. I'm the oldest of 5 children and it's all the time crazy in my house because all my sisters and brother do compative dance but me. (I tried dance but isn't what I like and also don't want to be a part of crazy). If you still think that is all your wrong I also have four cats to top it off and we live in a condo.

Gold rule: Treat others like how you would like to be treated

One thing that means a lot to be is my region which is I'm catholic and I believe after death there still is life.


my favouirte book

This is a COVER PAGE for on of my FAVORITE books called Star wars Visionaries which goes more into the stories that isn't included in the main movies.


Shakugan no Shana my favorite anime

Down below is the video in English for the first episode of shakugan no shana.

Strike the blood

Strike the blood is current anime I'm watching which is very long, it has 2 season with 26 episodes each. I'm on episode 20 season 1. The picture to the right is the two main characters. The main boy character is a part of a rare species of vampire's. The girl is a part of magical team to protect the city.

Sword art online

Sword art online was tecogally the first anime I watched, my friend Ania from my old school introduce me to anime and she said a great starting point would be Sword art online. However I have watch two anime before sword art online but at the time I didn't know they were anime. Those were pokemon and the anime that is next

Date a live

Date a live was one of two anime that I watched the first time and didn't until later found out it was an anime. However this one is 100% and Pokemon falls between Cartoon (like Scooby Doo) and anime.

Fairy tail

Fairy tail is one of my favorite anime but I seems to go on for ever, I'm done all the current episodes release up to date which is about 365 episodes and one movie. There's also a manga for this anime (comic book form), there's over 100 books which translates into a total of about 900 episode that are in the making. I don't think I'm ever going to be done any time soon.


The photo grid below is on all my favorite song/bands.

hopies, sport


This an image of one of 5 Barrie's ball hockey stadiums. Ball hockey is my sport it was Technically the only one. They have all 4 seasons for ball hockey(there always outside). I played fall and spring and every other year summer. I started playing ball hockey in grade 4 when I moved from the one side of Barrie to the other. The propose in the beginning was to see my friends again but turn into a passion. Since I moved to Toronto I've tired 3 different ball hockey places 2 of them is was bad it the way the stadium were bad and the players won't always come and the other one was way to pro division so I'm still looking.

sports: Track and feild

Track and field is the only other sport I started doing last year with earl haig. I can promise you That this year will be no different. The Events I liked doing was 400 meter dash, 100 meter dash and 100 by 4 relay and sometimes 200 meter dash. The button's down below are from my results of meets.

Track field and relay (not me) down below


I have many hoppies some are bicycling, playing games

One of my favorite thing to do outside on a nice day is going biking. Either on the sidewalk or down a trail or biking with my friends in Barrie.

call of duty BO2 was my favorite shooter game on my Playstation 3 and it my favorite call of duty game total.

Pokemon white is favorite Pokemon movie and favorite DS game.

One of my favorite thing to do is play cards, I got into playing cards with my grandma. We played a dutch card game. One of the cards game I started playing and collecting was yu gi oh that my friend got me into playing. Just recently I started playing again and understand way better how to play the game.

This button above goes to the yu gi oh website of canada with info about cards, rules to play, card game events.

Pokemon card is another card game I play back in grade 1 my friend from my old old old school give 3 cards. After that I started collecting cards and I still do today. The only thing is 2 weeks ago I left my good and special and first 3 cards that mean everything to me in my English class. I checked the next day and was there. I gone to the lost and found and a teacher watching for them.

The image is decks that represent my 7 card game i play which is; dutch uker, poker, black jack, golf, war, spider, cheat.

Rainbow 6 siege is my main playstation 4 game and also my favourite video up to date right now.



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