dancetopia Where dance is life

Our motto: Dancing is dreaming with your feet

Seal: Our seal is point shoes, because we are known for our excellent ballet. It is the most common style in all of dancetopia, because ballet is the base to dance.

Clear Purpose: Our purpose is to become some of the worlds most successful dancers. You will get all of the hard, quality training you need. We want to bring happiness to the world through the art of dance. Every year, we have a special holiday where we go to different countries, and teach dance to their communities. We want to show that anyone can be a good dancer.

Requirements: You must have at least 2 years of lessons for ages 5 & under, 4 years for 9 & younger, and at least 7 years for all 10 & older. IF you're 13, you must have point shoes.


  1. When traveling, be patient with the ones learning
  2. Always come ready to work
  3. If sick or injured, you must sit in watch unless contagious
  4. You cannot skip class unless if family emergency
  5. Stick to the provided diets, and drink water every hour
  6. At age 13, you can get your point shoes, and choose a main style to graduate in
  7. Be in the appropriate clothing for your class
  8. You must obey the teachers, or you will be punished by the directors
  9. Do not mess around in class
  10. Practice at least twice a day on weekends

Location: Our location is on a small island close to New York. Once graduated, you will leave the community and will be sent to our dance program in NYC.

Schedule for ages 9 & younger:


  1. Breakfast: 7-8:30
  2. Educational dance Class: 9-1
  3. LUNCH: 1-2:30
  4. solo(optional): 2:30-3:30
  5. Basic technique: 4-5
  6. DINNER: 5-6
  7. Bath (ages 6 & younger): 6:30-7
  8. BED(6 & younger): 7:30
  9. for ages 7 and older, after dinner they have free time until shower hour, which is at 9.

Ages 10 & older Mon-Fri

  1. Breakfast; 6:30-8
  2. Dance history : 8:30-12
  3. LUNCH:12-2
  4. Assigned class: 2-5
  5. DINNER: 5-6:30
  6. Assigned Class: 6:30-9
  7. SHOWER HOUR: 9-10
  8. Must be asleep by 10:30


If you have children, you must teach 1 hour Mon-Fri. You will teach the style you graduated in.

Our government: Our government is Oligarchy. There's 5 styles of dance, each style has a director. The directors make the choices for the community. There is one main director, the head director, the head director gives speeches to the whole community. The directors are, Ballet (head director) Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip hop, and Tap. Each director has 4 assistant teachers, the teachers make ideas, and the directors make it happen.

Reasons to live here: If you love to dance, and want to have a successful life, then come and stay here! You will get many hours of fun training, travel the world to teach, learn about the history of dance, and become the best dancer possible. You will make lots of friends, and be close with family. We have fun competitions and performances, even parades that you can attend in. So if you want to live to the fullest, then come and live here.


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