Footloose the Musical at the Barter Theatre By: Tim Foutz

Barter Theatre located at 127 W. Main Street in Abingdon, VA, will be holding it’s own performance of Footloose the Musical showing from May 19th- Aug 12th. Don’t miss your chance to see this classic story brought to life in front of your eyes, and be apart of it all. This show has flexible show times to fit people’s busy schedules, showing every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with shows on occasional Tuesdays and Fridays. Showtime’s vary and range from Sunday Afternoons to weekday nights.

The star of this musical is the character Ren McCormack, who is just a regular city boy from Chicago who, due to recent financial troubles brought on by his father’s abandonment, is forced to leave the Windy City for the small town of Bomont. He is accompanied by his mother Ethel, and he is taken back by his new surroundings. He attends his first day of school, and meets several of the local colorful characters, after which he meets Ariel Moore, the preacher’s daughter. There is an obvious initial spark between the two, but after a short time it is revealed that there are several roadblocks in the way of their romance. Ariel’s father has recently outlawed dancing in the city limits because of a recent tragedy that has affected the majority of Bomont. This is a problem for Ren because he loves to dance and being an outsider puts him at a disadvantage. He does not understand or accept this law. With the help of his new flame Ariel and his new-found, country-hick best friend Willard, Ren fights Reverend Moore and other city officials to have this law changed. This story is about love, understanding, loss, tragedy and healing. This musical has the power to have you laughing one minute and dancing in your seat the next.

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Footloose for yourself! Barter Theatre will be running this production all summer from May 19th to Aug 12th. Shows will run between three and four times a week with show times varying. Tickets can be purchased online for $20 to $52 for orchestra seats, $42 to $52 for balcony seats. You can contact Barter Theatre located at 127 W. Main Street, Abingdon VA, at (276) 628-3991, or by visiting their website at Get out and just get Footloose!


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