Why A Career in Hospitality Management?

Today, the hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most diverse fields that one can explore. In fact, even just a mere diploma in hospitality management can take you a long way—the possibility of working in a multicultural environment, travelling overseas for better pay and opportunity, and getting exposed to a finer lifestyle are just some of the most attractive reasons as to why more and more people are choosing to land a job in this industry.

John Edwards, who originally wanted to become a doctor, opted to take several hospitality courses and wsq courses in Singapore when he figured out what he really wanted out of life, “It took years for me to realize that working in a hospital and saving lives is not something I really wanted for myself. I don’t think I will ever be okay seeing people die in my own hands. What I do want though is to see happy people and serve them. I took a degree in hospitality management as soon as I realized all of these and never minded if shifting courses will be difficult. In the end, I became a public relations director of a hotel here in Singapore after starting in a meager position. And I have never been happier with my decision. My place is in bringing good service and not watching people fade.”

People who work in the hospitality industry can work as:

• Accommodation manager.

• Catering manager.

• Chef.

• Event manager.

• Fast food restaurant manager.

• Hotel manager.

• Public house manager.

• Restaurant manager.

However, there are a lot of other positions and fields aside from those mentioned above that one can try if one has a diploma or degree in hospitality and tourism. From being a skilled staff for sports organizations to cruise ship staff, restaurants and hotels, leisure and theme parks, casinos and resorts to front desks of inns, corporate recruiter, human resource director, among others.

In Gracie Goad’s article titled 7 Reasons Why You Should Explore a Career in Hospitality Management and Tourism, some interesting things were mentioned about the field, “Acquire a global skill-set. What you learn in a restaurant in Ontario is going to cover the same basic principles you’d learn at a restaurant in Paris (…did I just admit that out loud? Sacré bleu!) If the mood strikes you, you could easily pick up and move clear across the globe – and you’d find the experience of applying for work permits, internships and jobs easier in these industries than in many others. But more than that… the skills you’ll pick up working in hospitality and tourism are transferable to many other industries as well. If you’re not sure what to do or where to do it, this is often the perfect place to get your feet wet. Experience variety in your day. Being in the business of ‘making people’s day’ often has the effect of making (and re-making) your own. You might find that you have a plan for how your day will unfold, but a call from a regular hotel guest or sudden change in business volume sends you off in a different direction – this is great news! You will never be bored. Those who succeed in this industry revel in change and contingency planning – if you want to think on your feet and turn on a dime, a career in hospitality and tourism is for you.”

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