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Me and the Puffer Moo Moo

Creature Name: Tetraodontina Moo Moo AKA:Puffer Moo Moo Fish

The Puffer Moo Moo lives in the Epipelagic Zone (0-200m) for the majority of its day. In the Epipelagic Zone there is low pressure, warm temperatures, high amounts of sunlight, and lots of oxygen.

Epipelagic Zone Of the Ocean

The Puffer Moo Moo Fish also lives in the Neritic Zone of the ocean. The Neritic Zone includes lots of nutrients for the Puffer Moo Moo to feed on, and an extreme amount of sunlight exposure to help get the Puffer Moo Moo Fish it;s brightly colored ears.

The Puffer Moo Moo also occasionally floats down to the Mesopelagic Zone in order for it to find some food. When in the Mesopelagic zone the Puffer Moo Moo must be careful due to the darkness and lack of sunlight that occurs in this zone. In the Mesopelagic there is also colder temperatures, and lower pressure which the Puffer Moo Moo fish is not usually adaptable to.

The Puffer Moo Moo has two different colored eyes as a defense mechanism to scare predators away. The Puffer Moo Moo's other defensive mechanism is the purple bottom which when the Puffer Moo Moo senses danger it shoots its spikes out and shoots spikes up out of the bottom of its forehead. The Puffer Moo Moo can also use the Spikes to kill of the prey that they find and the Yellow colored ears get the Puffer Moo Moo to attract smaller animals by blending with the color of the suns reflection on the water.

Puffer Moo Moo's Spikes being added

The Puffer Moo Moo generally moves by floating with the oceans current. However fast the current is moving is how fast the Puffer Moo Moo moves. In case of emergencies the Puffer Moo Moo may use its spikes to propel it to get away from creatures.

Puffer Moo Moo's floating styrofoam base

The Puffer Moo Moo is able to come to the surface to receive oxygen if needed but mostly uses the water for respiration. For example if there is a dangerous predator who is attacking the Puffer Moo Moo is able to go above water to escape and can remain breathing for up to Three Minutes above water before then returning to catch its breath underwater.

The Puffer Moo Moo is a carnivore. The Puffer Moo Moo feeds on Clams, Mussels, and smaller fish which are able to be swallowed easier. The Puffer Moo Moo scares the animal by showing the spikes and then proceeds to attack the animal with the spikes injuring it and swallowing it whole due to its large mouth and throat.

Mussels which the Puffer Moo Moo Feeds on

The Puffer Moo Moo reproduces through it using its spikes to shoot sperm when attracted to a female Puffer Moo Moo. The Female Puffer Moo Moo stays under the protection of the male until she lays the eggs and then the Male Puffer Moo Moo protects and waits for the eggs to hatch. Once hatched the Puffer Moo Moo looks after its offspring until they are one year old, when they are able to fend for themselves. The process them repeats for the Young Puffer Moo Moo when they reach the age of Two to Three Years.

The Puffer Moo Moo uses its spikes to fend for itself. When the Puffer Moo Moo senses danger it releases its spikes on the bottom which are purple and the spikes over its eyes to scare the predator away. If this does not work the Puffer Moo Moo can use the Spikes to take down a Predator who tries to mess with it.

Puffer Moo Moo's purple spikes on its bottom

The Puffer Moo Moo is classified as a Plankton animal because it mostly floats with the current. However in order to escape from predators the Puffer Moo Moo is able to swim using its spikes.

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