Canbury School Newsletter 12th November 2021. ISSUE 249

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

This week, a very exciting present arrived from Mr Marks, one of our former parents and now a governor. It was a piano. The immediate effect on the students was palpable. Some of our musicians - notably Orlanda, Matthew A. and Mr Temple - immediately gave it a test drive but it also attracted many other curious by-standers. The magical, magnetic effect of music drew a cluster of students and staff to the corner of the Hall that now plays home to our shiny, new piano. Many thanks to Mr Marks; we are enjoying the soothing and mellow sounds of music floating through the Hall at Break and Lunch.

Orlanda plays, Ollie listens. Beautiful.

Yesterday, we observed the two-minute silence during which we remembered those who lost their lives in World War I, and the Armistice that brought that war to an end on the 11th November, 1918. Students wore their poppies and we watched part of the service live from Westminster Abbey. Today, Year 11 delivered their assembly (their last as a tutor group) on other battles around the world as well as the mental health effects of war. They did exceptionally well and a special mention must go to Head Girl, Otti, who wrote the script. In addition, Mrs Smith and the Year 8 and Year 9 students have produced a very beautiful mural and wreath - see the photographs below.

On a more parochial note, you should now be able to track the homework being set for your child on Satchel One. If you do not have a parent/guardian login for this system, please contact Reception, who will be able to send out the information. Students should access their list of homework via Satchel One using their school Google Login or via the To Do list in Google Classroom. Mrs Rich sent out detailed notes on these systems before Half Term and Form Tutors have been working with students to ensure they know how to access their homework tasks.

We have requested that parents now log the results of their child’s Lateral Flow tests twice a week (please see the letter sent out on 10th). We are also going to remind students to wipe down desks and clean their hands more regularly. We have been lucky so far to have only had one case of Covid reported during term time and we very much want to avoid any further infections. We thank you very much indeed for your cooperation.

Have a very good weekend.

Carolyn Yates


Students of the week

Year 7

Well done to Lloyd for his questioning which led to a deeper understanding of Spanish verbs!

The whole class for some excellent work on Roman Britain in History.

All students for their excellent work with formulas & spreadsheets in ICT.

Year 8

Matthew for his waterpark work and creativity in ICT.

Excellent effort from Morgan and Matthew for completing a detailed and accurate paragraph on music tastes, and for presenting it to the class in Spanish.

Drum roll for Morgan, Sam S, Brendan, William and Reenie for excellent work on the English Reformation.

Year 9

Layla for her app work in ICT - some super innovative thinking!

Chloe and Layla for their fantastic times in the cross country run on Thursday.

Olivia for excellent effort in badminton on Thursday.

Year 10

Superb work from everyone in Spanish as we started to use more sophisticated language to describe our ideal school uniform! (Is there such a thing Señora Porter?)

Sterling effort by Y10 during cross country!

Very good work in History on the League of Nations by Orlanda.

We’ve been enjoying some interesting discussions about the moral and ethical side of using technology with our class of Year 10 (and Year 12 ) in iGCSE ICT. There were lots of thought-provoking questions about how evolving technology can bring both positive and negative changes to our lives. Keep up the focus everyone.

Year 11

Congratulations to Ain who was put on the spot and performed a role play in Spanish to a visitor who appeared at the classroom door!

The Year 11 historians have continued to impress with their work on Nazi Germany - splendid effort everyone.

Lest we forget.

This week, Year 8 and Year 9 have both been busy creating art work for Remembrance Day. Year 8s made a stunning wall mural during their form time with Mrs Smith. and the Year 9s made a beautiful poppy wreath (each adding a unique poppy) in their PSHE lesson.

Says Mrs Smith: "I was so impressed with their maturity, team-work skills and thoughtful work. Well done to all."

Lest we forget. Canbury tributes to the fallen and today's Year 11 assembly leaders.

From Ninjas to new words - it's all in a day's work for Year 8.

Here are the Year 8s in Drama this morning learning a new warm up game from South Africa called "NINJA". This helps promote teamwork and concentration. It clearly worked, because Period 2 they skipped into English, where they immediately start each lesson reading, then recording and sharing any new vocabulary they find in their book. Just look at that concentration on Ethan's face.

Exciting news - it's real, in person, competition time!

It was the second week of our Games rotation so by now all students have had the opportunity to participate in both sports on offer this half- term. The weather was kind to us again for cross country and the students enjoyed the autumnal colours of Richmond Park for their run. Congratulations to William and Bethany in KS3 for being the first two in for KS3 on Thursday.

Richmond Park cross country athletes and rugby fun back at Goals Wimbledon. Life is getting back to normal!

KS4/5 had their first taste of (non contact!) rugby on Wednesday, where they focused on passing, catching and evasive running. On Thursday afternoon KS3 progressed well in their badminton session and were playing half-court games by the end of their lesson. By all accounts there was some healthy competition between staff and students!

In very exciting news, for the first time in a long time, Canbury will be taking part in an inter school sports fixture! We will be sending a KS3 cross country team to take part in an invitational cross country race at Royal Alexandra and Albert School next Wednesday. More news on that next week!

House awards and News

Writes Charity Prefect Hannah:

"Hopefully you are aware that this year’s annual Children in Need is coming up next Friday. We have a few things planned throughout that day to help mark this special event and to raise lots of money for this wonderful charity.

Mufti Day: Students and Staff are invited to come into school in their most comfortable pyjamas! From fluffy onesies, coordinating two piece sets to comfy slippers and sleep hats. Don’t be afraid to show off your wonderful sleepware. Alternatively, you can wear your favourite Children in Need branded items, be that a sweatshirt, Pudsey Bear ears or a badge. Or even just a pop of Pudsey colour, if accessories aren't your thing. Please don’t forget to pay your £2 (or maybe more if you’re in the Christmas giving mood). Usual rules apply - no inappropriate dress or you will be directed to the lost property box to be kitted out for the rest of the day!

Break Time sale: A small selection of Children in Need accessories will be available to buy. Please bring some money with you if you would like to buy something.

How many sweets in the jar: During lunchtime there will be a fun game of how many sweets are in the sweetie jar. It's £1 per a guess, with a maximum of three guesses per person.

Throughout the whole week beginning 15th November, students and staff will be able to buy raffle tickets for a draw on Friday. One raffle ticket costs £1, with a strip of five costing £4. There will be a wide variety of prizes up for grabs.

All the money raised will go to CIN. To make a donation, please use the link below or alternatively bring your money in physically and it will be collected during registration.

You can make your donations here.

I look forward to seeing everyone in their pyjamas on Friday.

Many thanks.

Hannah, Year 10.

House competition! Get those HP up and get yourself along to the Art Room on Tuesday 23rd November where Mr Bourgi will explain the rules of engagement.

Lloyd - 60 HP. Bronze Star.

And finally....

  • Calling all photographers. Mrs Smith has spotted a brilliant photography competition and she is urging all budding snappers to enter. Deadline for entries is 23rd November, so there is still plenty of time to get involved. The organisers would like you to send them an image that represents your ‘peaceful place’, somewhere you are able to find respite and tranquillity when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Images must be no larger than 1GB and should be submitted with a title and a short caption explaining the image’s significance (no more than 50 words). For every entry received they will make a donation to Stem4, a charity working to promote positive mental health in teenagers and those who support them. All details can be found here.