#PictureManteno Welcome to Manteno, IL

Welcome to Manteno, IL!

We are launching an Instagram campaign called #PictureManteno to be able to showcase our beautiful murals and parks from YOUR perspective.

How does it work? Simply take photographs in one or all of the locations provided and hashtag #PictureManteno for a chance to be featured on the Village of Manteno's Instagram. The goal of this campaign is for everyone to have fun and enjoy capturing the unique spots in the town that we all call home.


Location #1: Perspective is located in the alley of 47 W. Second.

Through the use of lines, shapes, and vibrant colors, this mural was created to represent our town from a unique viewpoint. Although the piece is formally abstract, there is a language to the composition that engages participation and investigation. Community members were invited to take part in the painting, and added a dot where they live in hopes to promote the idea of connection and closeness between us. This art piece serves as a reminder that we can understand each other better if we take time to see things from different perspectives.

The Square on Second Fountain

Location #2: This fountain is located at the Square on Second.

Peace USA

Location #3: Peace USA is located in the Second St. Alley south of Sammy's Pizza. (155 ½ N. Main St)

Greetings from Manteno

Location #4: Greetings from Manteno is located at 51 W 1st St.


Location #5: Metamorphosis is located at 91 N. Main St.


Through symbolism and artistic expression, we sought to create a mural that shows Manteno growing and changing over time. The cocoon and butterfly, along with the numbers, hands, and gears of a clock, represent time and transformation. The Manteno community has striven to be a progressive town through its beautiful parks and downtown area, new businesses, and exciting community events. All of these changes create a "Metamorphosis", taking the town from what it once was in the past into the new place it is becoming. -MHS Advanced Art Class of 2015

Memorial Park

Location #6: Manteno Memorial Park is located at 143-199 E Co Hwy 9.

How far are locations from one another?

Walking Distances

Do you want to bike to each location?

Biking Distance
Cruise in Style
Bike 609

If you're interested in biking around Manteno, consider using Bike 609. You can rent a 26 in. cruiser bicycle using Kankakee County's first ever community bike share program.

For more information visit: http://bike.zagster.com/bike609/ or visitkankakeecounty.com


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