Global warming Ruining Emperor Penguins lives

Global warming

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. It is caused by carbon dioxide trapping most heat, reflects some away. We also breath out carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide keeps heat trapped and heat up the Earth a lot. Thing start to die or get endangered because everything is heating up more or melting.

The Emperor Penguin lives in the South Pole Antarctica. The weather that occurs there is cold like blizzards, but ever since we had global warming everywhere is more hot because of us and global warming.

Three ways the Emperor Penguin is affected by global warming with an explanation

The iceberg that the penguins are living on icebergs. The iceberg are melting because of global warming. It is melting because we and the Earth are trapped heat on the Earth.

The water is getting warmer and the fish are leaving because the water is heating up and is melting, which melts the iceberg so the sea level is higher. The water is getting more hot or cold

When the ice melts the animals will be pushed out into the ocean. which will get them killed because there are dangerous animals in the water that want good meat. They also could die because of the dirty stuff that people put in the water.


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