About The Revolution BY: CHEYENNE

(Revolutionary War)

The Revolutionary War began with the confrontation between some of the british troops and some colonial militiamen. The War began on April 19th 1775 at Lexington, Concord, and Boston in Massachusetts. The battle was about who would get rich in land and power. So they thought and began a Revolutionary War to try to solve their problem. But as every one knows Wars don't always go as planned and always turn out bad for someone.

(Revolutionary Battles)

3 of the Revolutionary battles happened on the same day of the same year and I'm going to go over them. The first battle was 'The battle of Lexington'. The battle of Lexington was located in Lexington Green, Massachusetts and started 19th April, 1775. The ending result of The battle of Lexington was a Colonial retreat because they were outnumbered by the british. The second was 'The battle of Concord'. This battle was of course located in Concord, Massachusetts and begun on the 19th April, 1775. The ending result of this battle was the Colonists had a grand victory. The third was 'The Siege of Boston'. This happened in Boston, Massachusetts and included 'The battle of Chelsea Creek' and as well 'The battle of Boston Bunker Hill'(happened for 11 months!!). This battle happened on the 19th April, 1775. The final ending result of the third battle was another grand victory for the Colonists ,Who were lead by George Washington, who made the british withdraw to sea.


One of the outcomes is 'The Treaty of Paris'. The other outcome was America was only allowed to only trade from England because they made them.


Some of the events that led up to the revolutionary war and what it meant. Here is the list of 5. French and Indian war, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. First the French and Indian war began in the summer of 1754 to 1763. It was also called 'The seven year war'. It was quite a long war if you haven't relized it. Now The Stamp act began in 1765. This was bout Taxes and how the virginia house of burgesses uttered the famous words, "No taxtion without their representation". Also the STamp Act helped recover some money for the French and Indian war. The Townshend act was in 1776. The French and Indian war still needed to recover money for their finance for the French and Indian war. The Boston Massacre happened in 1770. IN Boston their situation grew more and more intense. On Monday night March 5th, 1770 an american patriot harassed a Red coat. After another red coat began to back him up a whole entire fight broke out amoungst them. Finally the Boston tea party in 1773. The whole situation went out of hand when a crew was shipping tea. The sons of liberty came and boarded the ship and dumped the crates into the Boston Harbor in protest of taxes on tea.


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