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Group, Page and post brand ID and artwork


FB Group Brand ID and artwork
Story and artwork post
24HourVancouver posts and artwork

Not The Vancouver Marathon - sample social media stinger video

Pixel cards, designed, printed, cut and boxed in 3 hours.
Stephen Wahl, logotype and Listing Package - 2 days

Benchmark Bistro

Brand ID and packaging study for Yaletown Restaurant

village bistro

Redesigned facade front, including new 3D lettered sign and project managed installation and awning removal 07/2016
Village Bistro, 1143 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC - before and after facade redesign, flyer design for successful PRIDE weekend launch and digital menu design, programming and installation.


Afterhours club licensing, brand design and interior design.
Gorg-o-mish [Serotonin]; Fall 2002 and completed Fall 2003. Bottom right shows space before building.

Gorgomish (695 Smithe St., Vancouver, BC opened 2002) Licensed, financed, designed and project managed construction from start to finish. Designed functional layout and interior design and decoration of this 3500 sq.ft. Afterhours nightclub. This club has been a Vancouver institution for over 15 years and shows no sign of slowing down. Also was founder and owner until I sold out to my partner.

serotonin / encore

Afterhours club licensing, brand design and interior design.
Lighting and Audio System Design, Customer Relations, Corporate Communications, Strategic Partnerships, Visuals, Team Management, Forecasting and Trend Analysis; Talent Acquisition, Wrangling, Development and Management, DJ Booking, DJing. Also owned this through various iterations and am currently working on re-branding and reopening.
club flyer design
Event Flyers, Web Graphics, Video Segments, Signage, Social Media, Video Editing, Audio Programming, Event and DJ Booking, Management, Marketing, PR, Strategic Relationships, Branding, Photography, Illustration and Copywriting, Brand ID, Hosting and Sound Curation.

serotonin / Encore (1058 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC) currently being renovated. Licensed, financed, designed and project managed construction from start to finish. Designed functional layout and interior spaces, furnishings, palettes, lighting, decoration, commission of original artworks and digital user experience elements of this 5000 sq.ft. Afterhours nightclub in the heart of the Granville Entertainment Zone. This club first opened under the name Serotonin in 2012 before re-opening as Encore in 2014.

brand id

Personal Real Estate Branding
some logo designs for my own personal real estate brand


Brand ID, FB page, ad campaign, copywriting for online campaign.
FB feed story posts and artwork


Brand ID and packaging for local cannabis edibles
tropicanna brand ID and packaging

Brand ID, Packaging and Copywriting; This project involved a quick turnaround on a product Brand ID and Dialling in the Label design and Packaging choices. The original label used the same catchy name but really needed to be completely reworked prior to the first big packaging print run. Several versions - a direct print and a label version - are shown. Direct print and labels were both printed to cover a variety of shipped sizes. Original Packaging at bottom right with new design - Dec. 2016

Binary Club

Brand ID and collateral for a new private member's club
binary club brand id, stationary and mythosphere

In creating a brand id - including stationary and other 'first impression' materials - for this fledgling private member's club, a well-mapped mythos-building mood board was developed early on; the brand needed to feel like an exciting hybrid of old school 'secret society' mythology and symbols and laid-back West Coast comfort. The stationary for the 'invitations three' (invite-only gala events and final offer of membership) therefor uses a dark palette with an antiqued visual and tactile experience that's very much '1920s occult' accented with an almost blood-like cherise string closure on the envelope. The very luxe-feeling gold accents add a feeling of exclusive handmade luxury and of course symbolise the star guiding the initiate on their journey in the pursuit of a deeper knowledge of oneself and the world around them.

Vizzy Outdoor

Brand ID, mailer and website for outdoor digital advertising start-up

Vizzy is a new brand ID for an outdoor digital menu manufacturer in Vancouver, BC. We started by securing the web domain and built a simple logo and visual identity system using the RGB dots to represent the three primary colours used to represent the visual spectrum - this simplicity represents the simple nature of the product concept and ease-of-use for the customer.

Agent Advantage

Production of Email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Marketing Pieces for Real Estate

Hooter Marketing

Brand ID for Real Estate Marketing service
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