Sweet Treat Jose VAdillo

My company is sole proprietorship. This coffee shop is for you to feel comfortable enjoy a sense of freedom, be you're own creation. This fit me because I love to make people happy and talking to people. This place is to make you feel like home.

Advantages: Ease of starting and ending a business, You're the boss, pride of ownership, leaving a legacy, Retention of company profits, No special taxes.

Disadvantages: Unlimited liability, limited financial resources, management difficult overwhelming time commitment, lack of fringe benefits, limited growth and lifespan.

A little something about my coffee shop.

This coffee shop is to come and hang out with friends. Bring you're kids their will be many activities for them (No charge for this).

Kid:There will be art time, playground and many more fun things.

Adults there will be some activities for adults to their will be board games and many more stuff.


Coffee machine, milk. different types of coffee.

Mission statment

This place is being made to make you feel like home. To hang out with friends. This place is also being make so you ca feel like the boss and create you're own coffee to enjoy and show so other can come and create their own. You will not regret this come along and try this loving and caring place for you're kids and your self.


Los Angles, CA


Coffee Latte Small$2.95

Coffee Latte Medium $3.65

Coffee Latte Large $4.15

Coffee Mocha Small $3.45


  1. 3Barista
  2. 3Superior for kids
  3. 2Waitress
  4. 2 People to wash dishes.


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