Deer brooklyn alexander

Deer are mammals. A deer has brown and sometimes white fur. A deer can grow up to be a large size, but there are many different sizes of deer. Deer can weigh up to 150 pounds/lbs. Bucks have antlers to fight to fight against their predators. They have 4 legs that they walk on. Their family members are moose and other types of deer.

Deer are a herbivores, which means they eat plants, leaves, bushes, and grass.They sometimes eat corn, but usually they don't. Deer do not have unusual eating habits. Deer eat with their mouth. Deer eat plants but other animals eat deer.

Deer live in the Taiga forest, Temperate forest, Deciduous forest, savannah, and rainforest. Deers have brown fur to blend into trees.Deer also hide in the grass to stay away from their predators. Deer mostly live with there family. When the mom and dad leave they bury their baby in grass until they can walk. Sometimes they come with there mom and dad so they can move to a different place, and so the baby can learn to walk.

Deers have skinny and fast legs so they can run from predators. They also have sharp teeth to scare their predators away. They also have cuffs (dig) to get their food.

My animal’s predators are wolves, bears, wolverines, lynx, mountain lions, and many more. To protect themselves from their predators, they run very fast so they can get away from their enemy.

The fawn usually spends it’s first week in the grass hiding. It’s mother will come feed it and clean it. The fawn does not like to be left alone for long. The fawn is not helpless for long they have to learn to escape from their predators. Feeding time is the most dangerous time for deers. Their predators can come from behind them and can attack them. A moose is another type of deer. They can swim to get their food from underwater. Deer are very peaceful animals.


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