The Great depression BY sada libby-grantham

This is a photo from the stock market crash of 1929. People are lined up in the streets around the New York Stock Exchange on Black Thursday which was the day the stock market officially crashed. People were demanding money from the banks which could not pay people back what they put into the bank. This caused a massive outrage and was the start of The Great Depression.

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This photograph shows women serving poor, unemployed men soup on the streets of California in 1930. This was the during the start of The Great Depression when many people became unemployed and needed food and shelter desperately. The unemployment rate had rose to 20 percent at this time, and as seen in the picture, people were trying to handle the situations by setting up ways for the unemployed to have the basic necessities in order to survive. As this was happening, people found it harder to start families and get married with so little money. This caused not only the birth rate to go down, but also the the marriage rate, all while the death rate went up due to starvation and untreated illnesses.

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Created with images by Tony Fischer Photography - "The Causes of The Great Depression / FDR Memorial Site"

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