San Jose State University Spartan Recreation and Aquatics Center San Jose, CA

Architect : Gensler

Project Category : College/University

Total Construction Cost : N/A

Total Gross Square Feet : 120,000 Square Feet

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : N/A

How was the facility funded? : University funds

Project Description:

Representing a three-building complex, the Spartan Recreation Center not only hosts activities ranging from aquatics to climbing to cross-training, it does so with a welcoming design that earned judges’ praise for its deft incorporation of color and shape.

Interior areas — whether gymnasium, jogging track or social gathering space — combine pastel flashes against a backdrop of bright white and natural light. Meanwhile, the exterior’s geometry and materials project a contemporary curb appeal.

“The Spartan Recreation Center’s striking use of overlapping forms and textures on the exterior distinguish it among other entries,” one panelist said. “Integration among active and passive spaces used for relaxation make it a particularly inviting facility. Straightforward, cool and classic, the interior design is skillful in its ability to tie the large facility together.”

“Good fusion of graphic design and architecture. This project breaks down the scale of a large open space into smaller interactive environments in a variety of interesting ways. The organic ceiling element emphasizes an intuitive pedestrian flow throughout the project.” — Indy Dehal

“The thoughtful placement of branded color and graphics on the interior sets this project apart from other recreation center submissions.” — William Schenck