Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office The Detail Newsletter - October 2021


11-year-old Asher Swann was just trying to sell snacks and popsicles with his little brother at a local park when his cashbox and cooler were stolen. His mom contacted the sheriff's office to report what happened and Deputy Bryan Teany responded to take the report. She then posted the story to social media and donations came pouring in from the community. Everyone wanted to help Asher.

But Asher says he didn't need all that money and didn't feel right keeping it, so he spent just enough to replenish his supplies decided to donate it to the local police organization, Arapahoe FOP Lodge31.

Asher Swann shakes hands with FOP leaders Captain Halaba and Deputy Presley.
"It was just too much money. We had over $1,000. I wanted to give it to charity so we chose the FOP because we wanted it to go to first-responders," says Asher.
Asher restocks his snack stand with lots of inventory!

One week after he was robbed, Asher re-opened his popsicle stand at Cherry Knolls Park. Not only did he give the Fraternal Order of Police a check, but he also wanted to personally thank Deputy Teaney for all his help.

Deputy Teaney showed up to support the re-opening of Asher's popsicle stand.
"I'm really proud of these kids. The community came through for them and gave them a chance to support a good cause," says Deputy Brian Teaney.
Asher's little brother making friends with deputies.

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By Nicolle Rosecrans

Did you know the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office is host to the Denver Metro Area's Homeland Security staff? Arapahoe County is one of 10 counties (along with its cities, districts, towns and municipalities) assigned to the North Central Region (NCR). NCR is one of nine regions in the state whose job it is to prepare and respond to hazards and emergencies through planning, training and exercise.

Map of All-Hazards Emergency Management Regions in Colorado

Before 9-11, Colorado's primary response was at the city and county level. In 2002, Colorado Governor Bill Owens announced the establishment of seven regions to support this response capability. That was later expanded to nine regions to help foster even more professional relationships between federal, state and local agencies.

Training photo from Operation Mountain Sync
“Our regional planning, training and exercise initiatives have developed stronger multi-jurisdictional relationships which have significantly improved joint capabilities across the public safety spectrum," says Scott Kellar, NCR's Homeland Security Coordinator.
Operation Mountain Sync

The NCR has four employees who work at the sheriff's office. They are currently planning two major exercises in the coming months for terrorist threats and cybersecurity attacks.

To read more about the North Central All-Hazards Region, click the button below.


Pink sheriff patches for sale during October

It was one year ago, October 1, 2020, when Shauna Deeble, a sheriff’s office accountant, got a phone call from her doctor that changed her life. She said, "Are you somewhere you can talk?" Then she paused. "We found cancer in your biopsy."

Ironically, that day was the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even more ironic, Deeble was assigned to handle the finances for the sheriff's Pink Patch Fundraiser, which sells products, like the ones below, to raise money for breast cancer patients.

"I couldn't help but laugh at the timing, if that's even possible to do at a time like this," says Deeble.

Deeble, 50, had skipped her annual mammogram in 2019 due to COVID. In late September 2020, she felt a sharp burning pain in one of her breasts and found a lump. She immediately went in for a mammogram.

“I knew it was bad when I felt that lump. It just felt different. I had this chill. So I called the next day and begged them to get me in right away.”

Deeble was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. The doctor gave her different options, but she ultimately chose to undergo a double mastectomy.

“I remember I was so scared at the time but Kaiser really stepped up. They assigned an entire team of breast care workers to walk me through it.”
Deeble's favorite bag sits on her desk at work

Today, exactly one year later, Deeble is still recovering from breast reconstruction. Her goal moving forward is to reach out and help other women by sharing her story and offering an important message.

“Please, please, get your mammograms and screenings. If you catch cancer early, you have more options and a better chance of survival. And most importantly, don't ignore the warning signs.”
Deeble's new car she rewarded herself with after her breast cancer journey.


Rex our school therapy dog, shows off a blue sheriff's patch, one of the many products you can buy during October to support cancer patients. Click HERE to shop all the products and follow Rex on Instagram: arapahoe_rex_sro


Next year, during National Police Week in May 2022, a new name will be engraved into the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. His name is Charles Wilcox, an Arapahoe County Deputy Sheriff who died in the line of duty on September 19, 1899.

"This acceptance of his name adds honors for Deputy Wilcox at the national level. It's gratifying and humbling to have them confirm the work done on this," says Captain Ken McKlem.
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C.

Born in 1848 in Michigan, Deputy Sheriff Charles H. Wilcox was a long time Deputy Sheriff for Arapahoe County. The incident in which he was shot and wounded happened on February 20, 1875. Wilcox was shot in the back with the bullet passing through his abdomen after striking his kidney. Wilcox eventually recovered and continued to serve as a deputy sheriff. When he died years later on September 19, 1899, the obituaries and articles cited the shooting incident in which he was gravely wounded and listed "Bright's Disease" as the cause of death, a condition stemming from his gunshot wound.

Artist rendering of Deputy Wilcox shooting
"It's important to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the citizens of Arapahoe County. Men like Wilcox should not be forgotten, even though his sacrifice was long ago," says McKlem.
Deputy Sheriff Wilcox was added to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office Memorial on May 15, 2021.

Deputy Wilcox's name will also be added to the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial at Camp George West in Golden next year. To read the full story of the shooting of Deputy Charles Wilcox, click the button below.



By Amanda Johnson

Giving local authors a chance to connect with their audience -- that was the purpose of the Local Authors Showcase on September 18 hosted by the Douglas County Libraries. Nine different authors came to present their books, including Lt. Rich Anselmi who wrote a new children's book called "The Happy Police Horse."

Lt. Anselmi doesn’t like to consider himself a writer. When approached by attendees asking who authored the story, he just shrugged and humbly responded...

“Me, I guess, but it was a team effort, really,” said Lt. Rich Anselmi.

The idea for the book came after the Mounted Patrol Unit was established two years ago. Anselmi wanted to bring the horses to local schools as part of an educational program called Reading to Horses. The question was, what would the children read?

The Happy Police Horse was born.

First graders at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School read aloud to police horses during a new reading-to-horses program for elementary school kids established in May 2021.

With the help of Deputy Mateo Montoya-Collis, the book came together. Mateo is a gifted illustrator, and gave hours of his time to the creation of the book. The Lieutenant is especially thankful for Mateo’s talent.

“If I drew the book, for sure nobody would read it,” says Anselmi. "Mateo is an excellent artist, has a passion for the community and his enthusiasm is contagious," says Anselmi.
Lt. Rich Anselmi and Deputy Mateo Montoya-Collis at the Douglas County Local Authors Showcase

Lt. Anselmi and Deputy Montoya are already working on their second book in the Happy Police Horse series due out in 2022.