Sensory Detail Kobi Rich

Favorite place: mall

When I first walk in and the dim lighting hit my eyes I feel at home, with the tiny stores in every corner and the cushioned seats for you to take a break from walking. As my feet glide across the wooden floor and I run my fingers down the metal railing and looked at my reflection through the glass. The loud talking race through my ears as the laughing warmed my heart and the whispering caught my ears. When I stop for a snack and feel the salty warm pretzel on my tongue and the cheese hot pizza excite my taste buds.

Haunted house

The door swung open as stepped on the chipped wood while the floor creaked. I grabbed the wall and felt this sticky smile that made my skin crawl with disgust. I heard down the dark hallway someone screaming in fear I jumped back as I seen the dark shadow run in front of me. I ran to go see what it was but it was a dead end with cracked mirror I touched it and all these slimed came out.


Jesscia smooth skin and thick hair capture my eyes with her cool rosey cheeks. She had the sweetest laugh as she listen to the people whisper around her, the giggling and coughing consume her thoughts wondering if she could be that happy. She felt the cold, bumpy, metal as she rubbed her hand against her locker. As she sipped the sweet, fruity, Rich milkshake down her throat. The shiny cars in the parking lot, walking into the sticky heavy


The chripping, noisy, singing birds up on the trees. Slimey thick soil helping grow the spongey leaves. The Rich, earthy, armotic smell of dirt rush up my nose. As a slaty, mosit, acidic rain drop fell on his wrist. The lukewarm, cool, small puddles of water flood around the field.

Alien planet

The screeching, exploding, and buzzing excited the planet the aliens were having the party of the year. With the thick, metallic, furry hats and smooth silky party dresses. They had hot, buttery, lemoney chicken with fresh fruity punch. Rich, minted, scented candles converted the entire planet

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