Delivering the Goods Which local grocer is best at home delivery?

WCPO tested the region's five biggest grocery chains on the speed, cost and quality of its delivery services by ordering the same 15 items at the same time from Amazon, Kroger, Walmart, Target and Meijer.

Hamburgers for dinner

All items were ordered within 20 minutes of each other and required the rivals to pull goods from many parts of a traditional grocery store, including produce, deli, meat, frozen foods and center aisle.

Amazon wins on speed

Amazon sent deliveries that arrived in 91 minutes and 105 minutes after ordering. Kroger ranked second on speed, at 2 hours and 10 minutes. Next came Meijer (2:23), Target (3:15) and Walmart (4:39)

Kroger wins on price

Kroger had the lowest price on the 15 items. Its $34.90 figure excludes delivery charges, taxes and tips. Walmart was a close second at $38.83. Next came Meijer ($46.56), Amazon ($50.82) and Target ($51.26)

Walmart wins on unit price

Because we bought varying sizes of the same products, we compared the rivals on unit prices, such as price per ounce. Walmart ranked first in this category, followed by Kroger, Target, Amazon and Meijer.

Meijer in the middle

Meijer ranked third or fourth in every category and delivered the least-appetizing produce.

Target order came up short

Target was the only grocery rival that failed to find all 15 items. Can you fathom a hamburger dinner without buns?

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Scott Wegener, Lot Tan

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