Coke and Chlorine Chemical Reaction By: evan f. and will


Overall, this is a very fun reaction to watch. First, you put the coke and chlorine together in the glass. The reactants will just start to fizz and turn light brown. Then after a little bit of waiting it will start to get interesting. The new liquid will then turn totally white and very fizzy. Then it will start uncontrollably flowing outside of the cup and steaming a lot. Be sure to avoid the gas because it is very poisonous. The reactants let off chlorine gas, and a whole lung-full of that won’t be very good for you. To us, this reaction was very entertaining.

Chemical Summary

This is what really happens when you mix Coca-cola and pool chlorine. There is just a small amount of phosphoric acid in coke. Sounds disgusting right? Well that is actually a reactant in this reaction. The phosphoric acid reacts with the pool chlorine, which also known as calcium hypochlorite. The product of this reaction is chlorine gas, which happens to be extremely dangerous. This is what happens when you mix coke and pool chlorine.

Relevant Chemistry Concept

When the coke and chlorine are mixed they create an exothermic reaction. This means when the reaction occurs heat is released. This is clearly demonstrated in the experiment because hot steam is a product of the reaction, (along with chlorine gas.)


Granulated pool chlorine


A glass cup/ beaker


  • Obtain all the materials. (granulated pool chlorine, coke, and glass cup/beaker)
  • Fill the glass about ¾ of the way with coke.
  • Pour chlorine into the cup with the coke. (The more chlorine the larger the reaction.)
  • Add chlorine until it makes up around 1/3 of the combination
  • You next have to wait around 30 seconds for the chlorine to begin to break down and the reaction to begin.
  • Avoid the poisonous chlorine gas.


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