Tassel Talk May 2020

2nd Grade Programming

Celebrity Reader Week

Our community of working professionals have a knack each winter for bringing their “work to life” during our Celebrity Reader week. From architecture & landscaping to cosmetology & dentistry, our readers channel their enthusiasm by sharing visuals from their chosen profession and encouraging high educational aspirations.

This year over twenty different careers were represented by our team of professionals who visited 23 classrooms! The book Career Day is read aloud to students, reinforcing the importance of education beyond high school graduation.

4th Grade Programming

Wizard at The Works

Another smashing round of performances was delivered in February by our cast at our annual 4th grade play, The Wonderful Wizard of College! This presentation is the capstone event to our 4th grade curriculum, College & Money Savvy Wildcats.

The Works is the ideal backdrop for the day’s activities; students explore The Works’ art museum and discovery stations, and even help calculate costs for their own graduation party! This field trip is a treasure for students and teachers alike.

8th Grade Programming

3C's (College, Careers and Cash)

College, Careers and Cash! This 8th grade program allows us to go deeper in discussion about specific careers and related salaries. Using portions of the Ohio Means Jobs website, students take interest assessments and the results are used to introduce career clusters.

Students also explore post-high school educational pathways and the importance of developing skills that can translate into earning potential. This year we presented 3 C’s at Heritage and Wilson, and our Liberty lesson plans were delivered remotely through teachers due to our March school closures.

The Love and Support behind the programming

The Coronavirus Quarantine has certainly given us time to reflect on what’s most important. One of which is the partnerships with our teachers and staff that are paramount to our programming. In the reflections below you can see how a few staff members have supported our programming. We love and respect our teachers and staff; they give our organization a sense of stability and a solid connection to our students - both priceless gifts in this time of uncertainty.

Pictured from left to right Stephanie DeBevoise, Chris Haren, and Gabe Weaver

Stephanie DeBevoise, our district’s Gifted Coordinator, recalls having many questions about the college process during her high school years. “As a first generation college student, I can remember my mom working closely with Mrs. DeLawder and Mrs. Ellington to complete the FAFSA.” Now, as an employee in the district, Stephanie has often joined A Call to College for our 6th grade campus visits and annual Grads Give Back event. She shares, “NCS is my home. I love walking the halls of my elementary school (John Clem), having an office in my middle school building (Roosevelt), and watching concerts and sporting events at the high school. It is a joy to be able to work with former teachers, and to now see them as colleagues and friends.”

For Chris Haren, NHS math teacher, his recollection of A Call to College is one of grace, as he, like so many others, found himself regularly struggling to submit his Last Dollar Grant application in a timely fashion. “A Call to College would always track me down to ensure I submitted the required documents.” Chris went on to obtain his Bachelor’s degree from OSU and two Master’s degrees (from OSU and Otterbein) and has taught Calculus at Newark High for the past ten years. Chris enjoys being part of the NCS family and shares this pride with his students. “I am excited to work to continue enhancing our school - I’ve enjoyed watching it improve each year.”

Gabe Weaver can remember his two older brothers working with A Call to College while he was in middle school. “By the time I started my junior year, my parents felt incredibly comfortable with the organization and knew A Call to College would help us in practical and meaningful ways”. Now a second year teacher at Heritage Middle School, the decision to return to teach in the district was an easy one, and Gabe feels right at home. “My NCS education included an emphasis on community. I knew that working for Newark City Schools meant working with the best educators and students. I wanted to work for Newark City Schools because I knew the opportunities to give care would be abundant and supported.”

A Call to College is proud to share our mission with so many dedicated staff members in Newark. We are beyond thankful for these partner educators and the support they provide not only to our program, but every day to students in the classroom. Cheers to all of our staff members who are working so diligently to remain connected to students and staff during this historic era!


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