human trafficking by: Quatavious Parks

Why should we care? Because: we have other people that want to also end human trafficking.

Why should we care? Because: we will be helping out the people that deal with this every since day and its non stop.

Why should we care? Because: people want a way out of what they have to deal with on a daily base.

we could tell a person that we really trust to deal with the situation and tell somebody that has a higher rep that could solve the problem.

we could tell the police and the police could investigate the problem and find a solution to the problem and help the girls and sometimes men.

we could try to stop it ourselves and try to attempt to save the girls a if that doesn't work we could get extra people to help get the girls or boys out of the situation that they are in.


Created with images by giusti596 - "little girl face look" • BruceEmmerling - "police officer cop" • Alexas_Fotos - "police crime scene blue light" • abeer_almshrafi - "little girl child"

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