SMART Goals Luis Ortiz

Be able to buy any good car by saving up enough money within 0-5 years
S: I want to be able to save up enough money within 0-5 years to by a car in the $5,000 range by looking at numerous dealerships or even going around searching for one

M: Within a 5 year time span it would be a good amount time given to purchase a vehicle within the $5,000 range. and see what other options there is to weigh out just that one option

A: I can save up enough money to purchase the car within 5 years and save up half of my paycheck every payday

R: This is realistic because it has been done before. with saving up almost half the paycheck every payday i should have more than that amount

T: I would save up half the paycheck every payday to reach the goal on time.

Get good grades by studying hard

S: I will study hard everyday in order to get good grades. i will go to tutorials and ask questions when i don't understand something

M: I will go to see what it is i need help in and ask for help not only by the teacher but also by some of the students who do know the subject well.

A: it is attainable because everyone who passes and gets high grades every time do it and succeed by it as well.

R: As far as this goal goes it is very realistic because it has been done before and it a fairly easy task to complete.

T: As my last year of high school with only 4 months to go it is critical to achieve this goal but it very manageable to achieve

Be successful in my future career

S: i want to become an occupational therapist and in order to achieve this goal i have to take initiative and apply myself to study and be ready work very hard to achieve it

M: I would have to apply for scholarships and apply for financial aid and study in that field

A: It is attainable but it would take time to complete and i would have a lot of studying to do

R: It is realistic all i have to do is stick to it and apply all i can to it

T: It would take 6+ years to complete completely and i would be able to finish within a reasonable time.



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