The New U.S The American Saviors

Our flag is based on the United State's flag because that is were the initial inhabitants immigrated from. The added black stripes symbolize the unity of our nation and the U.S. The stars have been removed and replaced with a white infinity outlined in black which represents the strength in numbers granted by our close allies.

The Flag of the New U.S

Our nation was formed after an outbreak of an unknown virus. The outbreak was spread by nuclear warheads launched by the Allied Communist Countries. The bombs hit on the 15th of March, 2020. The virus killed three quarters of the U.S before the rest fled to an island not far from the coast of Australia that was recently discovered.

After our population was demolished and the survivors fled, the New U.S started manufacturing weapons to join the battlefield. Since our close proximity to Australia, we formed a treaty and went to war. The deal was that we would get the western and central parts of the U.S back and Australia and the UK could declare the rest. Success after success lead to the victory of our people and demise of the communist forces.

The New u.s border security

After the war, the New U.S formed stricter boarders and many immigration laws. Only the smartest and most beneficial people were let in. Each person was given 25 points. Each person would need to get 20 points or higher to be let in. Then they were given standardized tests. If a person got under an 80% they would lose 25 points and would not be let in to the country. Every percent counted as 0.5 points. Once they completed their tests they were ranked on a scale of five points based on physical health, and a scale of five based on mental health. The ranking scores would be added to the new score of the person. This way, even if you get 80%, you can still get into the country. Mental health was scored based on disabilities and insanity. If diagnosed with insanity you would not be admitted into the country. Also, if detected of terrorism, you would be subjected to various searches and seizures until proven innocent or guilty. If guilty you will be tagged as a wanted criminal along with all family not yet in the country. You will be given the opportunity to take a plane back to where you came from. If declined you will be detained and sentenced to life in prison outside of the country. If you resist the arrest you will be shot. Note that the scoring system does not always count in whole numbers.

The Wallaby is the most common animal found in the new u.s.

For our national animal the citizens voted on the Wallaby. This small kangaroo creature is native in our area and is the most common animal you can find. Most Wallaby have dark fur with reddish ears. They have small bodies short legs and arms and a short snout. Although they have five fingers they do not have opposable thumbs, or even any thumbs at all!

You may legally own the same animals as the U.S except you can also own a Wallaby if you are granted a permit and license. You may not exceed over two pets unless you live with a joined family. This is due to the lack of animals and food sources on the island as of so far.

Most of our meals are vegetarian because we lack sufficient meat sources. Only those with decent money can afford meat. Since we hail from the U.S we all speak english and use the U.S Dollar is our currency. Since the war, the dollar is rare so the prices have dropped for almost everything.

The government is a constitutional republic, the same as the U.S. The sentences for crime have been raised by 1.5x the original time. Life in prison was substituted for the death penalty unless the criminal was found useful for government use like construction, military power, manufacturing, or anything needing any sort of excessive knowledge pertaining to warfare. There is low tourism because of the stricter laws. Our nation has freedom of religion but if there is a religious based crime the participants can be sentenced up to 15 years along with the original sentence. Women will not receive shorter sentences than man. Transgender citizens will not be allowed to compete in sports of the gender they were not born as. Also, they will not be allowed to use the restroom of the gender they were not born as too. We have established trade between the UK, Australia, the U.S, and southern Asia and Africa. Everything else is the same as the United States except the landscape which is more like Australia.

Created By
Nathanael Batizy


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