Newsletter 10/09/2020

The Oasis International School is delighted to welcome back its students on its campuses starting from September 15th.

Our primary goal is to ensure the health security and emotional, social and physical well-being of our entire school community (our students, their families and all of our staff: teachers, administrators and employees) while continuing to provide a high quality education. To do this, we have worked throughout the summer to organize this return to school taking into account the particular context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here you will find resources to prepare for the return of students to school for the new school year 2020/2021. With the pandemic being an ever-evolving global crisis, we continue to monitor information from the Egyptian Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) to always ensure the safety of our school community.

Back to school dates

We are pleased to be able to share with you the dates for students to return to school. You will find them below :





You can now order the school uniform from Civvy online store through this link: https : https://www.civvyunifrom.com . Or visit their shop, address : 43 Cleopatra Street, Center Cleopatra, shop number 10.

Class meetings

This week, we resumed our Zoom Class Meeting sessions for our MYP and DP classes. During these sessions, the students prepared the guidelines for their Zoom classes. The question the students were asked to answer was, "Think about what you need to do to have a peaceful, effective, and fun Zoom classroom". After brainstorming, the students shared their suggestions, and chose the guidelines by vote. The goal of this activity is to create a shared vision for the class, instead of imposing rules that students must follow. By involving them in the creation of the guidelines, the students are more inclined to respect them and to cooperate. During the next Class Meeting, students will prepare their guidelines for the face-to-face classes.

We invite you to prepare your home guidelines, by involving all the members of your family.

This week we had the parent meetings on Zoom in order to meet them. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and teachers and share our expectations for the upcoming academic year.

September intake meeting per level

It was with great pleasure that Mr.Omar, the MYP Coordinator, went to meet the parents despite it was through a Zoom sessions. Each program taught by level was presented to the many parents present. We hope that the Q&A session at the end of the sessions was beneficial for everyone !

Back to school online !

According to the instructions of the Egyptian Ministry, our teachers give first courses of the year on Zoom until September 15.

For some students, it was a reunion with their teachers while for others, it was a first virtual meeting ! The entire faculty has tried to think of interesting and playful classes, which sometimes combine theory and practice. We hope that your children are eager to find their way back to school as much as teachers are eager to find their students !

Meeting for newcomers

Over the weekend, Mr.Omar had the pleasure to meet the parents of our incoming students. We once again welcome new learners and their parents !

Zoom Sessions

On Tuesday, September 1st, Zoom sessions have begun. Online regulations are following respectfully by students and teachers. Diploma students will come back to the campus three days per week starting from Tuesday, September 15th and two days online. Best of luck to all our students !

Parents meeting D1

Due to the current pandemic situation and to not missing the opportunity to meet parents of D1 as we used to do at the beginning of each year, a zoom meeting for D1 parents was held on Monday, August 31st by the DP Coordinator Mme Fatma Hussein in order to expose the diploma program and presenting the DP team.

Class meetings

Class meeting started by asking students to say an appreciation word about each other’s. Then, the teacher divided students into breaking-down rooms to discuss together what they will do if they have 25 million dollars. Almost all of them have the same answers. They will donate an amount to charity and the public educational institutions in Egypt. Then, to enjoy, they would buy houses, cars, and travel. By the end of the session, students voted on classroom about the zoom session’s regulations.

Senior College Night

On Monday, September 14, the senior college night for D2 students & parents will be held online on Zoom in order to expose the following :

  • Counseling department overview.
  • Universities requirements.
  • Senior year timeline.
  • College selection.
  • Admission overview.
  • Application process.
  • Questions & answers.

Proud of our students

Congratulations to Amr El Nomorosy D1, for winning the Republican Equestrian Championship. Best Wishes for a distinguished and bright future.