Stock Market Portfolio By arno daskal

My researches :

There are a lot of informations to know to be a good investor in stock, here are some of them. First,the difference between a stock and a share is that the term stock is used when you talk about your investments in many company. When you talk about share, you talk about your investment in one special company. For example, you can have 20 stocks in different company and you can have 20 shares in facebook. Sometimes, companies give a sum of money from their profits to their shareholders, this is called a dividend. There are a lot of markets but the bigger ones are New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange Group, Japan Exchange Group, Shanghai Stock Exchange and many others. In Markets, companies use ticker symbol. Each company chooses its ticker symbol to represent them in the stock market. The ticker symbols differ from market to market. For example, NASDAQ uses 4 letters, NYSE uses 3 letters. There are also other letters like Q which is used for bankrout and X which is used for mutual funds. A mutual fund is a group that invests in many companies. The found use the money of the shareholders to buy stocks and bonds. The mutual funds keep a percentage of cash to invest if there is a good opportunity. The demand is how many people want to buy a stock and the supply is the total amount of stock that are available.The price of a stock changes every day because of the supply and the demand. If the demand is going up, the price is going up and if the supply is going up, the action is going down. Because of this, the companies have to think of a good balance. The pros of investing in stock market are that you can make money easily and rapidly and that if you want to get out of the stock market, you can sell your stocks and get out of the market without a delay. The cons are that there are many external factors like politics, terrorist, and many others that can influence the market. One day the market is really high and the other day it’s really low so it goes up and down really fast. Those were some informations about the market.

I started my project with 4 stocks, Apple, Dior, Tesla and Facebook. First, I chose apple. I chose this company because a lot of people are using apple devices and there is the new Iphone that just came out so it will bring a lot of money. Then, I invested in Tesla.Tesla are making electric car. Since this is recommended for the environment, people are buying a Tesla more and more. They are making new models that will cost less so it will be accessible to everybody and that's why I chose them. After that, I bought Dior because I saw it was going up and I thought I could make a lot of money. Lastly, I chose Facebook because a lot of people are on Facebook and it has become indispensable for a lot of people.

Reflection stage 3 :

Which companies are doing the best in your portfolio? Which are doing the worst?

Deutsche Bank is doing the best for the moment. Exxon mobil is right below it and Orange is doing the worst but it is still in positive.

What reasons can you identify to explain the performance of each of your investments?

Orange and Deutsche Bank were really low when I bought them so I thought they could only go up, which they did. I bought Exxon mobil because the winter is coming and people by more oil and gas. It went up considerably.

What are some of the changes you have made to your portfolio? Did you buy or sell any stocks? If so, please explain the reasons why.

At first, I started with Tesla, Apple and Facebook. Facebook wasn’t doing well so I sold it. Apple was going down because it was after the buzz of the Iphone 7. I hoped it would go up again so I sold it. Tesla went up considerably in one day and I was afraid that it will go down suddenly so I sold it. I bought Christian Dior, which I sold one week after buying it. After that, I bought Exxon mobil and Orange and they are doing well since I bought them. Recently, Deutsche bank went down totally so I bought it, hoping it would go up again.

At this point as you continue to invest in this project, what would you like to change about your current portfolio? Why?

I would like to have more stocks to make more money but I need to make research on what to buy.

Final reflection :

Which companies were the best in your portfolio? Which were the worst?

I have bought stocks in a few companies during this project. Some were good and some weren’t. The best companies in my portfolio during this project were Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo and Exxon Mobil. Christian Dior was also good but I sold it too early. The worst companies in my portfolio were Orange and Facebook, even if when I bought them, they were still going up. I lost a lot of money with those companies.

What reasons can you identify to explain the performance of each of your investments?

I don’t have an explanation for all my stocks but I can explain some of them. Apple was the first stock I bought. It went down directly because they released the Iphone 7 the day before I bought in their company. After, I bought Tesla. The went up because the showed a new car that will be released soon. I also bought Exxonmobil. It went up because it’s almost winter and people need oil and gas to warm their houses. When I bought Facebook, it was going up but after a few days, it decreased a lot. It decreased because Facebook is dying and it isn’t the only social media anymore. I bought Deutsche bank and Wells fargo because they decreased a lot and they couldn’t decrease anymore. They went up because the governments helped them because they didn’t want these companies to stop. For all the other stocks, I don’t have any explanations

If you were to redo this project, knowing what you know now - what would you do differently? Would you invest in the same stocks? Are there any other specific stocks you might invest in? Why?

If I had to redo this project, I would change a few things. First I wouldn’t invest in Apple and Facebook for the reason I said before. I also wouldn’t invest in Orange because that’s the company that made me lose a lot of money. I would invest in Adidas because I saw that my classmates made a lot of money with it. For all the other stocks I invested in, I would keep them because overall they were good.

What have you learned about investing in the stock market? Be specific and descriptive.

During this project, I learned that it wasn’t easy to invest in the stock market. The stocks are always changing and you need to keep an eye on it everyday. I learned how to research for stocks that can make you win money. I learned all the terms that are used in the market like P/E ratio, dividend, stock, share, mutual funds,ticker symbol. I also learned the pros and the cons of investing in the stock market.


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