Safety First Preventing sexual assaults & health emergencies

The issue of being involved in a sexual assault or other type of emergency plays a significant role in fear for both men and women on college campuses. The instillation of the Blue Light Emergency at Liberty University will increase the efficiency of campus security, while also decreasing the amount of fear the individual faces.

Not only can sexual assaults be prevented, but also health emergencies. These types of casualties can be prevented or easily traced through the GPS systems accuracy. Once the victim has pressed the emergency button, the GPS locator will pinpoint a location for the police department improving time efficiency.

With the growing number of college campus sexual assaults,Liberty University needs to focus more of their efforts on campus safety. By installing the Blue Light Emergency system , students and faculty will have access to the most efficient security device throughout the campus decreasing the amount of sexual assaults that occur each year.

The Blue Light Emergency system equates to the tuition of only two students, meaning that Liberty University can handle the cost, they are just choosing to focus their priorities on other areas of improvement.

According to Liberty University's 2015 Annual Disclosure Report, the board is spending about 2 million dollars in student services and athletics.

With the instillation of the Blue Light Emergency system, Liberty University's campus safety will improve, allowing faculty, students, and even prospective students to feel a sense of security while on campus.

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