Descriptive Writing Zackery tilutoa Anand

My life being at Middlemore Hospital on the 15 of September 2003 .My Mum named me Zackery Tilutoa Anand. I didn't know who was at my birth, but since then I was part of a family. My culture is part Fijian Indian on my dad side as well as part Niuean and Cookisland on my mum's grandmother's and granddad's side. I didn't have a dad since they got divorced before was I or my sister was born.

My family was big coming for a point of view of a 1-3 years baby. My mum, sister and aunty lived together and own a cat named Miss Lucy. I have 3 uncles and 2 auntys and my nana and granddad. At the the time those were my main my family but my mum told me that you have lot of family in different country's. My dad would come see us or my mum would take us to see him, but we wouldn't see him for very long, just for 5 minutes.

When I was a kid like 5-7 years old I had so many hobbies, but now I just have a little. Gaming was always one when I played my first game spyro the dragon. Sport is also one when I started school. Drawing I was never a fan of drawing until now(I like to mostly draw anime characters). Origami was one when I went for a holiday to Australia at 9 years old(my first creation was a paper butterfly). I have other hobbies but these are my main ones.

The first school I when to Papatoetoe South School, which my primary. I spent my first 2 years with my sister then she moved on. 2015 was the time I went to Kedgley Intermediate was my Intermediate or second school I went to which I spent 2 years at. Most of my friends went to Papatoetoe Intermediate, but I had some of my friends with me. Papatoetoe High School 2017, I saw a lot of people form my primary and even some old friend. But apart from that I could tell that this year was going to be a good one.

Ever since I was little my mum told me what is your goal or what do you want to be? When I was a kid I wanted to be police man, a missionary or even a train diver. I want to get a job that I can still see my family more often and go to church. But to this day I still don't want I want to be. I lost sight when my most of my family when to Australia even my sister, but I put that behind me. So I'm gonna study and work hard so I can go to Australia with my mum and be together with my family. That my goal!

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