Flame Throwers By: Grace Gutzmer

A flamethrower is a a weapon that sprays out burning fuel. The Germans in World War 1 are the only ones to use it then. Its purpose was to drive men from their defensive positions or simply incinerate them. The Germans using flamethrowers in World War 1 says a lot. Like it meant that there was newer or different technology for them to do it. Also, that the Germans didn't really care how they hurt us or anything they just cared about winning this war but that definitely didn't work. Using flamethrowers influenced a lot more deadly weapons in the upcoming decades.

It has a lasted impact, because some people still use flamethrowers now. I think that after World War 1 people fought more and they used more weapons. Flamethrowers have been modernized, and they have definitely evolved since World War 1, because we have better technology. Flamethrowers are mostly used for military use now, and that's mostly what they've been used for forever.

In World War 2 the Germans used flamethrowers quite a bit. They had a large pressurized tank on their backs with fuel in it.


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