Meet the 2018 Crew

For Summer at Severn Faculty and Junior Counselors, it's all about the kids.

"Every year, if campers return, you get to see them grow up and mature. It's nice knowing that you played a part in helping them become who they are." — Darius Harmon '19, Junior Counselor

"I love the fun times we have with the kids and seeing them make new friendships during the summer." — Taylor Belo '18, Junior Counselor

Three words to describe Taylor: outgoing, caring, and honest

"I love getting to know the kids, hearing their stories about life at home and seeing the friendships they form while they are at camp!" — Kennedy Smith '19, Junior Counselor

Fun fact: "I play field hockey and love going boating!"

"I like the Community Enrichment camp. We go out every day and do something different, something to help people. We're a great community — great counselors and even better campers." — Kevin Haefner '19, Junior Counselor

"It is great to hang out with the kids and be a role model to them" — Meghan Behr '19, Junior Counselor

Three words to describe Meghan: sociable, friendly, and confident

"I love how close we all get over the course of the camp." — Erin Murphy '21, Junior Counselor

Fun fact: "I am in tons of musicals and love to sing!"

"My favorite thing about camp is seeing the kids' energetic faces every morning and throughout the day!" — Kayla Behr '16, Summer at Severn Administrative Director

Fun fact: "I never missed a day of school Pre-K through 12th grade!"

"I love seeing the kids have fun and interact with such a great age group!" — Reilly Mitchell '19, Junior Counselor

Fun fact: "I have a black belt in karate!"

"I love the closeness of the camp as a whole, whether it's during morning meeting on Chesapeake Campus or during pool time when both Teel and Chesapeake campuses come together to have fun. The faculty and counselors are so excited, every day of every week, to have fun and spend time with the kids. " — Ashley Clifford '18, Junior Counselor

Fun fact: "I play lacrosse and field hockey and I attended Severn's Upper School. I can also lick my nose!"

Summer at Severn has officially begun! We can't wait to meet all of our campers — get ready to have some fun!

Want to see what Summer at Severn is all about? Check out this video!

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